ZAGG ZAGGkeys Folio with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHFBKLIT103)

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ZAGG ZAGGkeys Folio with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHFBKLIT103)

ZAGG ZAGGkeys Folio with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHFBKLIT103)

  • Thin – At only 6.9mm, this folio is the lightest and thinnest keyboard available
  • Multiple Viewing Angles – Unique hinge allows 130 degrees of multiple viewing angles
  • Backlit Keys – Backlit keys make typing in low light areas, easy on the eyes
  • Protective – Leather textured, durable casing, protects iPad and keyboard from harm
  • Cleverly placed magnets activate your iPad’s sleep/wake function to preserve battery life
  • Authentic ZAGG products and warrantees on ZAGG products are only available from ZAGG Authorized resellers
  • Dedicated special function keys provide convenience and speed
  • Island-style keys maximize space for faster, more natural typing

At only 6.9mm thin, the new ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad mini is the thinnest and most diverse Bluetooth keyboard/case combo available. It features a unique hinge that lets you position your screen at virtually any viewing angle, backlit keys, and full body protection to help keep your iPad mini free from scratches and dings. A powerful battery keeps it going for up to three months of regular use between charges (approx. two hours per day; backlighting function will impact battery life).

List Price: $ 99.99

Price: $ 83.99

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One thought on “ZAGG ZAGGkeys Folio with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHFBKLIT103)

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Finally, a keyboard case that is useable for the mini, October 4, 2013

    This review is from: ZAGG ZAGGkeys Folio with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHFBKLIT103) (Personal Computers)

    I often rely on others to provide user experience on products before purchasing. Seeing as this is a new product, I could only rely on web reviewers instead of user reviewers. Overall, I have to say that the folio case is close to perfect. Could the keyboard be bigger? Sure, but the case would also have to be bigger than the ipad mini and it would destroy the form factor. Could there be more ipad friendly hot keys? Sure, but again… the keys would have to be smaller. I really think Zagg gave this keyboard a lot of thought. The case is sturdy, and the faux leather gives a high quality feel when carrying it around. It looks a little like a small black leather book when carrying it around. Using it for reading is a bit heavy, but to be honest… it is still lighter than carrying the full sized ipad.

    Typing Experience: The keys are a pleasure to type with. In fact, I am really thinking of using this setup to type the majority of papers and chapters of my research. While it will not do for polishing documents, it is superb for just typing with comfort. To be honest, I never really considered getting a keyboard for my ipad mini, because… well… it would be tiny. This definitely changed my mind.

    Slim factor: It is compact. For the road tech warrior, it is like a MacBook Air on steroids. Let me explain, I am an avid writer and the “writing” experience is important to me. While the keyboard is small and cramped, I think this is the most comfortable of that genre. There is no way to get a full sized keyboard without compromising the form factor, weight, and purpose. It feels intimate to type with. To me the most important part of the user experience, is when the user gets lost using the device. It should feel like a natural extention, and the user should not be aware that they are compromising. This is the closest thing I have found to an ipad mini keyboard that fits the form and useability I was searching for. One last comment on this, you can use the keyboard on your lap as well.

    Cons: Ok, so there are a few. While the keyboard is great for using in landscape mode (again, think MacBook Air on mini steroids regarding portability), it is less usefull portrait. You can still read, but it just feels strange having the keyboard facing you. It is a personal preference.

    I am also using IOS7, and pulling/swiping up the bottom menu to control airdrop, brightness etc… is very challenging to do when in it’s landscape mode. This is probably the most severe issue.

    While the keyboard is nicely made, and the faux leather gives it a premium quality feel, the plastic cover that wraps the mini feels cheap. In fact, I have been extra careful taking the mini out of the folio case. While it seems alright for now, I will definitely limit popping the mini in and out of this case.

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