ZAGG ZAGGkeys Cover with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHCBKLIT103?

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ZAGG ZAGGkeys Cover with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHCBKLIT103?

ZAGG ZAGGkeys Cover with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHCBKLIT103?

  • One-of-a-kind hinge design allows for virtually any viewing angle ? just like a laptop
  • The Cover’s unique design lets you place your iPad in a convenient reading mode
  • At only 6.3mm thin, less than a quarter of an inch, the Cover is 14% smaller than competitor keyboards
  • A powerful battery offers up to three months of use between charges
  • Backlit keys in interchangeable colors make typing in low light areas a breeze
  • Authentic ZAGG products and warrantees on ZAGG products are only available from ZAGG Authorized resellers
  • Island-style keys respond just like traditional keys and provide 30% more typing space than the competition, helping you to be more comfortable and more accurate
  • Special function keys help you get more done from the convenience of your keyboard

At only 6.3mm, less than a quarter of an inch, and the thinnest tablet keyboard available, the ZAGGkeys Cover for iPad mini is at least 14% smaller than the competition, making it simple to take on the go. Not only is it ultra-thin, it features a pivoting hinge that allows you to place your iPad mini at virtually any viewing angle, just like a laptop screen. And, when not used for typing, lock the Cover behind your iPad mini to enjoy a pure reading and playing mode. When you’re ready to type, simply flip your iPad mini around and enjoy the comfort and accuracy you get with 30% more typing space than other keyboards. The ZAGGkeys Cover zips along on a powerful battery that will keep it powered for up to three months of regular use between charges (approx. two hours per day; backlighting function will impact battery life). In addition it offers backlit keys that make typing in low light areas easy on the eyes, and responsive, island-style keys that provide a natural and speedy typing exp

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Price: $ 83.99

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3 thoughts on “ZAGG ZAGGkeys Cover with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHCBKLIT103?

  1. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Very practical, October 15, 2013
    Bakari Chavanu (Elk Grove, CA) –

    I’m typing this review using the ZAGGKeys Cover. I didn’t purchase it on Amazon, because it was more expensive than buying locally. This is the second ZAGG keyboard I’ve purchased for the iPad mini. I bought the first model that came out in around October of last year, and while it has a nearly full keyboard, it was cumbersome to install the iPad in the case part, which was larger in width than the iPad itself. So I ended up barely using it.

    But since I’ve been wanting to use my iPad more for typing, I researched and discovered this one. I’ve been using the ZAGGkeyys Cover nearly everyday, mainly because I can use it both as an iPad cover (well sort of) and mostly because I can slip the iPad in out of the hinge for both typing and in portrait mode for reading.

    The keyboard is not full size as the first model but typing on it is manageable. If you type on your full size Mac keyboard all day, you will find yourself miss hitting the Delete key on the ZAGGKey, but after you type for a while, your brain should adjust to smaller keyboard. At least the Delete is full size, which is good because I tend to it hit several times when typing.

    The Enter/Return is smaller, so you might occasionally miss it, as well the apostrophe key. Less used keys (e.g. the =, +, _ keys) have been combined into one key, requiring modification keys to use them. There are special keys for selecting and copying and pasting text, as well as a special key for taking you back to the home screen.

    So for the most part I really like the typing on the ZAGGKeys, though I only use it for shorter pieces of writing like this review.

    The hinge works really well. It’s sturdy and adjustable for viewing the screen while typing. The keyboard also has backlit keys, which is useful for when you have to type in very low light.

    The biggest problem I with the keyboard though is that the back is very smooth, so it’s difficult to get a grip on the iPad, as I could with my former leather iPad mini case. But I think I’m going to get used to it, mainly because I like how I can turn the iPad over, insert it into the hinge and start typing. When not in use, the keyboard sleeps itself, and when you’re ready to use it, it’s a simple matter of hitting a key to wake it up. I keep the bluetooth on, but with version iOS 7, it’s easy to access and turn the bluetooth on and off.

    Basically I’m pretty happy with this keyboard. The technology that went into building it was well thought and advanced. It packs a lot for such a small gadget. The ZAGGKeys only weighs about as much as the iPad mini itself. So it’s okay for holding, but if you’re going to do some extended reading on it, you might just take it off the hinge.

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  2. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    So far so good – love the backlighting!, October 8, 2013
    Eva M Kubinski (Madison, WI United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: ZAGG ZAGGkeys Cover with Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPad mini (ZKMHCBKLIT103? (Personal Computers)

    I just recieved this case/keyboard for the iPad Mini and was pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly it paired with the mini. As I’d expect, the keyboard takes a little getting used to as it is smaller than the one I use with my regular iPad, but I LOVE the backlit keys and expect that I will rely on that feature when typing in darkened rooms during conferences. As always, with Prime it arrived very quickly.

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  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Recommended, November 4, 2013

    I’ve got to say that I’m really surprised — I have big fingers and hands and this keyboard is really not that bad to type on! Some of the keys are a little awkward, but overall, it is a very pleasant experience. The hinge is very useful — multiple viewing angles — it feels like a laptop. I just keep looking for a trackpad! The backlight is very clear for working at night. The battery life so far seems long. The quality of the keys and construction seems top notch. The colors match very well (I have a white mini and a white keyboard). Overall, I highly recommend it.

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