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Fair enough, if we had that recipe we might not be sharing it for free here at Appleshopaholic.com, but some of the ingredients are pretty clear. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur you surely know some of them. Arnold Schwarzenegger gets around some of the most important traits you’ll need to become big in terms of muscle or in the world of business in this great speech:

Arnold gets around personal traits and focus areas such as to have a vision, to think big, to work hard, to give back and similar. It’s necessary to have great personal traits or build them to have success in most areas and especially great success, such as Apple has in business.

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Big data and use of it

Ok, but you clicked this article to obtain some new information or advice that could help your business grow. And here it goes: data!

We’ve heard it for years and we know it, but do we use it systematically in our businesses, such as Apple or Google would do? In most cases, no because to gather, sort and use big data is almost impossible for small companies. Or at least it was. Now we can use a customer data platform, such as http://www.relateddigital.com that pretty much does all the work for you. This is one way to really kickstart the use of data in your business and it could do wonders for your company.

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Another way is the use of data to do SEO that really can boost your business. You may think that you don’t know anything about SEO and it’s really hard. But when you think about it, what previously was spread over magazines, newspapers, phonebooks and what not is now all on Google, so if you master that you’ve pretty much made it!

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And an easy way to start is to use a data tool, such as SEMrush, which by watching their intro video pretty much gets you going. As an example we found out in a few minutes that to boost organic visitors at the site Holyfile.com (used as example) it would be smartest to start with the PC game Albion, not any of the other many thousands of downloads the site offers.

Big data is here. Use it and your company might very well become the next Apple.

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