World’s first internet activity tracker launched

WiFi Monitor

WiFi Monitor, the world’s first Internet Activity Tracker for one’s home or small business, recently launched on Kickstarter.

In research and development over the past 2 years, the startup joins the likes of tech giants Apple, Google and Facebook in its mission to help parents manage their children’s screen time by offering families the ability to monitor internet use on ALL devices connected to their home WiFi network.

Co-Founder Mo Somani explains: “WiFi Monitor is a hardware device that helps manage all of the devices on your network. Unlike the soon to be released Apple Screen Time and Google Digital Wellbeing apps, WiFi monitor is a plug and play internet management hardware and app solution that works for all of your family’s devices. Apple and Google have both created proprietary apps to work only on individual iOS 12 or Android 9.0 ready devices.”

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WiFi Monitor gives users:

the ability to monitor up to 30 devices regardless of brand or OS
a plug & play set up in a few easy steps
daily internet use email reports (showing who did what, when, for how long and how often)
the ability to pause wifi access by device
a schedule for daily access, including specific time of day, by device
setup and receive alerts for user-defined activity limits
30 days of device history
alerts when new devices join their network

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WiFi Monitor is different from traditional parental controls.

“We believe that WiFi Monitor’s philosophy of monitoring and mentoring children to become responsible consumers of internet media is far more effective than the traditional method of ‘Parental Controls,’ which seeks to block, filter, and control internet content,” says co-founder Mo Somani. “Knowing what apps and sites kids are using, when, how long, and how often, gives parents the data they need to discuss appropriate internet use and the need to limit screen time. WiFi Monitor provides parents with the information they need to have meaningful conversations with their children.”

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