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The Singapore-based consumer technology company, Helios Eos Pte Ltd., recently announced the pre-launch of its revolutionizing mobile app, WIZT; a powerful personal inventory app that can be scaled up to address enterprise-level space and inventory management issues. Touted to be the world’s first most powerful organizing and tidying up app, WIZT packs a robust augmented reality (AR) engine behind an engaging, user-friendly interface.

Using WIZT to make a personal inventory of household or office goods is a breeze. Users simply need to click pictures of the storage area (home/office/warehouse) and the items. There is a facility to tag items packed in a box, or clothes and accessories in a closet, so that when you have to find something in a hurry, just find it on WIZT.

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“WIZT tells you what is stored where,” explains Louis Lim, CEO, Helios Eos Pte Ltd., and the brain behind the app, “The app takes a virtual stock of things in your house or your office and where they are stored, making it easy for you to find them instantly when you need them. WIZT is short for ‘Where is IT?’, you see,” he quips.

Key Features of the app:
* Digitally recorded labels with your content photos
* Floorplan sketch and records of items on location
* Digital stickers to be placed on the area using augmented reality
* FYBE – personalized AI system
* Quick search for items! Just key in the items you are finding
* Get connected with family members or tenants for commonly used items

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The WIZT app especially brings a lot of cheer to people who dread the prospect of moving to a new house as they could rely on the app’s smart-label technology, which creates inventories making it easier for users to locate items in a few simple taps on their smartphones!
The WIZT team has plans to keep upgrading the app to make it more and more intuitive and immersive, and in the process, solving major organizing, sorting and object-finding issues across households and offices.

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“WIZT is an unassuming app that wields a lot of power to solve enterprise-level storage and office-supply management issues without breaking the bank,” says Louis. The app’s enterprise-level features include two-factor authentication and multiple accounts per property, making it a powerful solution for managing long-term storage at offices of all sizes. There are numerous applications of WIZT; from managing personal inventory to office supplies and from logistics to self-storage industries. We are especially eyeing long-lasting relationships with top players in the self-storage industry,”

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