Why MacKeeper is essential for your Mac

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Keeping your Mac fresh, fast and up-to-date is important, if you want to expand your computer’s lifespan. Therefore, MacKeeper is good to use, and is a gamechanger in the world in Mac care.

Remove junk from your Mac

Maybe your Mac is getting a bit slow, and you want to clean it up a bit. MacKeeper is a genius way to clean up your computer in a simple and easy way. This program removes junk from your computer, and at the same time it prevents future junk to get into your computer. It spots unnecessary copies and apps, and removes it for you. At the same time your personal files are safe, so you do not have to worry. Using MacKeeper will help you enjoy your Mac to the fullest, because your computer will be faster and updated. With this programme, your apps will be up to date and your computer will be optimized overall.

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Be protected both online as well as offline

Even though it might seem impossible, it is possible for MacKeeper to protect your Mac from all different kinds of threats. Whether you are afraid of scams, malware, spyware, adware or viruses, your computer will be protected. Even if you are afraid of identity theft, MacKeeper has an Anti-Theft technology, which is highly relevant.

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Need extra help?

If you download the program, but you are not really sure about something, do not worry! It is possible to get help from Apple Certified Support Professionals. Maybe you need help on how to use a specific tool, or you have some issue with a stubborn issue: the support team is ready to help you 24/7, whenever or wherever you need it. You can communication with in-app live chat or over the phone. Whatever is the most comfortable for you.

List of local MacKeeper sites

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The official website for MacKeeper is MacKepper.com, where it is possible to read all about the program. However, if you want to read about the MacKepper on a different website, it is also possible for you to read about the software on a local website.

So wherever you are from, it is possible to you to read about MacKeeper on a website in your language. So whether you are Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German or Dutch, it is possible to find a local MacKeeper site. Here is a list of the different websites:


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