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Ummah Technologies has announced the launch of Ummah 1.0.9, an update to the company’s new all-in-one mobile platform for Muslims. The new platform, developed by Muslims for Muslims, combines unique, fresh content designed to assist with a variety of needs, including news, prayers, motivational quotes, and a marketplace for buying and selling products.

Ummah Technologies is an internet start-up combining a faith-based approach through halal and interactive content. They developed the mobile app based on current needs and demands of Muslims worldwide. More and more Muslims are seeking to reconnect to their faith, and development of an all-inclusive mobile app fulfils these needs. Allen Technologies seeks to incorporate everything into the app, making it a personal virtual assistant, a friend, a shoulder to lean on, a teacher of faith, a reminder of the power of Islam, a guide for prayer anywhere in the world, and a special way to improve the akhirah.

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In recent years, mobile apps for Muslims have increased in popularity, with the advent of new Muslim consumers. The Muslim world is experiencing a significant youth bulge with 60% of the population of Muslim-majority countries under 30 years of age. Because of their strong sense of identity as Muslims, this new Muslim consumer set wants to associate themselves with halal brands. Ummah is in a perfect position to facilitate the needs of this younger generation, helping to provide interesting, educational content to consumers.

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Among the features available for Muslims with the release of Ummah are accurate prayer times, inspirational readings of the Quran, identifying the right direction to pray based on smartphone directional locations, all for free. Each webpage will promote the lifestyle by helping them grow in their faith and impacting their communities on one platform, ad free. Version 1.0.9 sports a new logo, and new look, as well as expands the platform even more.

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Bardhyl Bytyqi, co-founder and CEO of Ummah Technologies, stated, “We want to be your all-in one place where we share articles, tips, tools and reminders that promote the beauty of Islam. The idea is to spread the message we’re offering in the best and most efficient way possible to reach and interact with 100% pure halal content. Our app will entertain you through a free interactive app, which thus enables Muslims to navigate daily with new, live content that appeals and engages Muslim audiences across the globe,”

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