Typs is on a mission to cure texting anxiety

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Textfeed, Inc., a mobile app startup, is on a mission to cure texting anxiety. To do this, they’ve created a crowd-sourced network of high-quality text messages for a variety of categories that people can copy/paste into their messaging platform of choice. Categories include “Flirt”, “Just matched”, “Ask him/her out” and many more. Texts are ranked within categories in a Reddit-esque upvote/downvote format.

“Texting anxiety is a serious issue which affects 1 in 5 people in the US. We’ve felt this issue first-hand as founders, and our goal is to help reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with texting someone you really care about.” said Gil Demeter, CEO and Co-Founder. “The Huffington Post agrees, having published an article titled ‘Beat Text Message Anxiety in New Relationships’ telling readers to not ‘let waiting and responding to text messages take over [their] life.'”

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Everyone has found themselves in a situation where they simply don’t know how to reply to a text message, or initiate a texting conversation. Typically, people either go with the first thing that comes to mind, sit around for hours and send some over-the-top response, or ask their friends for advice. As a result, relationships take a toll. All it takes is one bad text message to cause a catastrophe. The New York Times, in their article titled “Bubbles Carry a lot of Weight”, talks about the stress & anxiety that texting and the time between text messages causes. Texting anxiety is causing as much harm as social media in 2019, yet it is talked about on a significantly smaller scale.

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On the Typs app, people can submit text messages that are then voted on by the community. People can comment on texts & give advice and tips based on personal experience. Users have the ability to follow their favorite texters and build a community of like-minded people they can share ideas and texts with.

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