Twinflame Development launches new astrology and psychology app

twinflame iphone app

TwinFlame Development, LLC has announced the launch of TwinFlame 1.20 for iOS devices. TwinFlame is the iPhone app that gives users access to the TwinFlame Network – the go-to social community for self-awareness, introspective, and personality-insights. It is the first mobile app dedicated personal growth and awareness that combines the disciplines of psychology and spirituality to provide comprehensive insights.

TwinFlame is a full-personality-insights ecosystem. The app unites psychological and spiritual tools and assessments that give users unparalleled insight that allows users to become their best self, or to better understand their friends’ and family’s personalities and points of view – how they could be different – and how to best build tighter relationships.

Additionally, TwinFlame offers a variety of features for it’s users, including:
* Psychological Insights: Psychological tools, quizzes, and assessments to help users know themselves. Use writing to ‘fingerprint’ your personality – TwinFlame provides psychological insights using supercomputer-powered artificial intelligence. Users journal their feelings and the patterns and styles of their writing is assessed and results are provided using the BIG 5/OCEAN psychology model. TwinFlame also assesses DISC, Jung Personality, Love Preference & Enneagram Type models.
* Spiritual Insights: Astrology, numerology, and tarot and united to provide detailed spiritual insights. Advanced calculations provide astrological transits, aspects, natal chart reports, horoscopes, and more. These calculations are paired with spiritual interpretations from experienced astrologers to give users personalized spiritual insights.
* Expert consultations: TwinFlame 1-on-1 allows users to consult directly with experienced astrologers, tarot readers, and mediums for highly personalized readings and insights.
* Learn: TwinFlame U is a learning sub-system, featuring videos and fun exams that help users understand the basics of astrology and psychology. 
* Social: TwinFlame has social interactive communities where people of like personalities can compare notes and interact. 
* Fun: Play games, add photos, and create personalized avatars

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