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e360tv, the “mecca for independent content” wants you to tune in for an exciting premier episode of Third Coast Ink, original programming around the “world of ink” on Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku and all OTT streaming platforms.

The Kenosha Tattoo Company along with their sponsors, Empire Inks, and in partnership with e360tv, has produced the first episode of its’ series, “Third Coast Ink.” The show takes place on the “third coast,” located on Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The reality show encompasses the daily life of the shop, its’ patrons. The personalities can be a bit off-kilter, a good recipe for off-color humor and unexpected twists. The patrons also get a chance to tell their back stories behind their tattoos and piercings.

The Kenosha Tattoo Company has made news in the past, Jon Principe, the owner and star of the show, is a former police officer who worked within the human trafficking task force. After leaving the force and opening Kenosha Tattoo Company, he continues to pay it forward by offering free tattoo cover-ups for those that were victims of human trafficking, including sex trafficking.

“I’ve always wanted to continue my mission of helping those that are victims of human trafficking and will continue to do so through my art. The show was an extension of that, after I found that many of my customers, had stories behind either covering up or receiving new skin art. With that, Third Coast Ink, is an extension of that mission to show the people behind the ink. I want to also take this opportunity to thank my staff and all of the volunteer patrons for being a part of this journey, I couldn’t have done it without them.” – Jon Principe.

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