Top moving apps you should try


Moving is hard, but with the help of some useful moving apps, you can let your iPhone do the heavy lifting.

Moving to a new home is an incredibly stressful undertaking, but here is a collection of incredible apps that will help you move easily.

  • Google Maps – Any activity that involves moving og transportation and so on, you will need a good map, and the Google Maps app is the best.
  • Evernote – This app is perfect for setting up a list of tasks you need to do, which you will need when moving.
  • Sortly – This app lets you photograph and tag all your possessions, and that is really useful when moving.
  • Facebook – Yes, Facebook will let you sell og give all your surplus stuff away so you dont have to move them.
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And you will probably find a moving company using Safari, but if you are moving to, from or within a country that does not speak English you will need to translate your searches.

For example, if you are moving in Oslo, your internet search will be in Norwegian. There are lots of moving and transportation companies in Oslo, one of them is, but there are lots of others.

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