Top 7 iPhone apps for vacations in Norway

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Every year people for around the world visit the many sights in Norway in the northern part of Europe. Traveling and finding cool hotels, restaurants or even fisherman cabins in Lofoten, Norway can be a hassle, but iPhone apps can help you. Here are some best iPhone apps that you should have when you travel to Norway for vacations.

Ruter app
This is one of the must-have apps for people who want to get around in Norway. With this app and their website, you can get travel updates, timing of trains and buses throughout the region. The app also allows users to book tickets of buses and trains online. This is a complete travel app that makes things easy for you.

I must say this is the best app travelers should use when they go to Norway. It supports more than six languages, can work when the data roaming is turned off and has an offline map for the users. You will not forget the route with this app. Moreover, the app can also be used for booking tickets, finding places and seeing where you can spend some good time in Oslo.

Visit Norway
This is said to be the official app for tourists who come to Norway. You can install it before going there in order to see how you can use the app. It provides complete guides regarding travel, places to live and for stay, hotels where you can eat out, places to visit and move around, and other stuff. This is surely a complete travel guide for any user.

SammeVei app
Getting around Norway and moving within the city can be expensive. But this app makes things more affordable for you. with SammeVei app, you can track rides that people want to share on your route. You can save money that is to be spent on transport and cars. This app should be on everyone’s iPhone because you will find it affordable to travel and move around Norway.

Vegan Norway app
Sometimes being vegan can be really hard for people. They fail to find vegetables and other foods being vegans. But this app in Norway is going to help out all vegans out there. When you travel to Norway, you should use this app. It brings lists of all places and hotels where vegans can find their favorite foods and dishes. It will save you a lot of time as well as help you find quality and healthy foods.

Lokalii app
This app plans fun activities for the tourists. When you go to Norway for spending few days, you should have this app on your phone. It will help you plan things for your time, let you get to know places that you can visit, places you can go and points to eat healthy foods. All coffee bars, pubs and other best places for tourists can easily be tracked with this app.

Mivai app
This is another app that is used for finding taxies, transport and cars when you are in Norway. You are familiar with Uber and it works just like it. Getting a taxi or car on rent can be expensive but you can find and share rides with Mivai for cheaper rates. Your expenditure will be reduced with this app and you will have even more fun.

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