Top 10 movie streaming sites


Streaming movies is becoming increasingly popular, according to Cinema magazine, and there are several good reasons for this.

The old movie theatre does not have all the latest movies or series, and enjoying a movie or bingewatching some TV series in the comfort of your own home is an easy choice for most people.

There are several sites for streaming movies directly to your MacBook or Mac. Here are the top 10 best movie streaming sites:

  1. YouTube – This is the obvious first for most videos, podcasts, TV shows and even some movies. Also note that YouTube even produces exclusive series.
  2. Vimeo – The site is just like YouTube, but without all the short videos. Vimeo also has many high quality movies and documentaries.
  3. Netflix – On this site you will find all the latest movies but also TV series and even exclusive TV series and movies.
  4. iTunes – If a movie is available to rent or buy, iTunes probably has it.
  5. Amazon Prime – Amazon Prime lets you access almost every movie out there, and many are free with a membership.
  6. Hulu – Hulu is known for TV, but actually has a ton of great movies, too. You’ll just have to use search.
  7. Disney+ – The best place to watch Disney movies, Disney+ is also the best place to go for Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic movies
  8. HBO – HBO Go and HBO Now offers high-quality films and the best documentary selection.
  9. Crackle – This site offers free movies, it is difficult to find them, and some are old and not that good. But again, the site is free.
  10. Popcornflix – Another free movie streaming site, lots of movies but many old and bad ones in the mix

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