Top 10 iPhone photography tips

iphone 11

The days of carrying around a camera for shooting photos is over, most people are now use their iPhone to shoot and share their pictures.

But to get the best results, here are som great tips to get the best results to impress friends and family.

  1. Clean your lens
  2. Keep your photos simple
  3. Tap on a subject to focus
  4. Use the grid for a straight horizon
  5. Adjust light before you shoot
  6. Use the leveling tool (+) for overhead shots
  7. Turn on HDR Auto
  8. Get closer instead of zooming in
  9. Snap photos with the volume button
  10. Experiment with third-party apps

Of course, if you need photos of your own wedding or something like that, you should consider using a professional photographer like Fotograf Oslo.

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