The incredible inventions and works of Steve Wozniak

One of the greatest American scientists and a founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak was born on 11th August, 1950. Starting his partnership with Jobs, Wozniak gets the credit of inventing Apple I. Together they released some of the first personal computers in the American market.

Wozniak met Jobs with the help of a mutual friend. Wozniak had a craze in electronics and he and Jobs started Apple on 1st April, 1976. To make Apple flourish, Wozniak quit his job at Hewlett – Packard.
The main hub in the early stages of Apple was Steve Job’s garage, where Wozniak used to build computers and Jobs was responsible for marketing. Jobs was successful in getting an investment of $250,000 for Apple. Adding icing to the cake, Wozniak’s supreme tech skills built Apple II, which captured the market of personal computers.

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Apple II is the sole product which is given credit of making its founders millionaires. By 1983, Apple’s stock market had a value of $985 million.

Leaving Apple and getting the degree
In 1985, Wozniak left Apple due to a traumatic airplane accident. Before he left, he was working on initial development of Apple’s Macintosh, which Jobs took over and made a success.

After his removal from Apple, Wozniak pursued his degree from UC Berkeley. Because he was very well known, he pursued his degree under the name of ‘Rocky Raccoon Clark’. The same name is enlisted on his diploma.

CL 9
CL 9 was a universal remote company, which was founded by Steve Wozniak. He founded the company in 1985. CL 9 is credited for developing the first programmable universal remote control. Wozniak actually brought the remote to mainstream market in 1987.

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In 2001, Wozniak founded “Wheels of Zeus”. WOZ used the technology of smart tags to identify physical objects so that people could remember their placements. The users would receive a message whenever an item (smart tag) was placed outside the acceptable area.

Continued successes
In 2002, he joined the board of directors at Ripcord Networks. The same year he also made to the board of directors of Dangers, Inc., who are the makers of Hip Top/Sharp Jump.

In 2006, WOZ had closed and Wozniak started a holding company by the name of Acquicor Technology. With the help of Apple alumni, Hancock and Amelio, the company acquired technological companies and developed them.

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From a period of 2009 – 2014, Wozniak was the chief scientist of Fusion – io.

SVCC – Silicon Valley Comic Con is an annual pop culture & tech convention, held in San Jose, California. It was founded by Wozniak and Rick White and Trip Hunter was made CEO of SVCC.

Current workings
Currently, Wozniak enjoys the prestigious position of Chief Scientist at ‘Primary Data’. Despite leaving Apple, Wozniak remains an official employee of the Apple i.e. his name is still on the official employee list of the company. He also receives an annual stipend of $120,000. At various events and interviews, Wozniak still represents Apple.

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