The full history of Apple’s iPod


iPod was the first entry of Apple into the digital music market. It was introduced in October 2001 and looked like a small device based on a disk. It should be noted, at that time the other music players were really popular. But they were bigger and not portable. Apple went innovative and redesigned the music listening device in form of iPod that was an instant hit.

From 2001 to 2006, Apple released different versions and models of iPod. They all were button based, the first touch iPod was released after iPhone. So, in 2006, the users saw a music player but with new touch screen, iPod got better and more attractive for the users. We will talk about the touch iPod from 2007 to 2015 and how it evolved through the years.

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1st Generation iPod: 2008
in 2008, Apple redesigned iPod like iPhone and converted the traditional one into a touch iPod. It was just like iPhone, in design, interface and most of the features. Users could use it for internet activities, music, apps and games as well.

2nd Generation iPod: 2008
After releasing 1st generation touch iPod in February 2008, Apple also released the 2nd generation iPod in September 2008. But it was better than the first version in many ways. It got better features, new and improved design and genius functionality. The music streaming got to a whole new level with the 2nd generation iPod.

3rd Generation iPod: 2009
In 2009, Apple released the 3rd generation iPod touch. It was expected to come with a digital camera. However, it didn’t happen. This version proved a failure for Apple as the fans were disappointed for not getting camera in iPod touch. It was slightly better than the 2nd generation iPod so could not impress the users.

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4th Generation iPod: 2010
The 4th generation iPod was way better than the previous versions. It featured a better display and most of the other features from iPhone 4. It supported two cameras, FaceTime, a new processor, video chats, high definition video recording and 3.5-inch amazing display. This was a dream iPod for the fans in 2010 and it became an instant hit.

5th Generation iPod: 2012
Apple has been releasing iPhone every year but iPod was not released for two years till 2012. To this date, iPhone had been released and Apple then launched iPod touch with better features, bigger screen and display, new features, improved specs as well as better video and audio qualities. It looked like iPhone 5 in design and shape but the colored back of iPod differed it from the iPhone 5.
6th Generation iPod: 2015

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For three years, Apple didn’t release new iPod. This was the time when Apple was enjoying massive success of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The new and bigger iPhone was a huge success for Apple. People thought there will be no more iPod touch. But Apple proved them wrong a new iPod touch with design, features, size and specs like iPhone 6 was released in 2015 that was the last iPod.

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