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If you own a Apple Watch you surely can appreciate the practical use of this cool gadget, but what you might miss out on is all the fantastic apps that works perfectly with your Apple Watch. Sure, there are some good apps that are pre-installed on your Apple Watch, but here are some must-have apps you probably have not heard about.

Here is the definitive list of the best free Apple Watch apps in 2018, as curated by the editorial staff at

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Apple Pay
This Apple Watch app lets you pay your stuff at a store totally without any effort. The Apple Pay app from Apple is easy to use, safe and it just works.

Facebook Messenger
What list of best free apps for Apple Watch would be complete without this one? If you do not have this social networking Apple Watch app – get it.

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PCalc Lite
Yup, a calculator. Apple does not have a Apple Watch calculator app, but PCalc Lite does. Just download it, you will probably need it.

Yeah, the App Store also has an Apple Watch app for Instagram. Get it and set it up to see pictures and updates from friends and others you follow.

One of the most useful apps available for the Apple Watch, iTranslate gives you the ability to translate words and phrases in more than 90 languages.

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What song are they playing? Fire up this app and you will know. Put your Apple Watch close to the speaker and this Apple Watch app will display the artist name and song title.

With the Evernote Apple Watch app you can see your Evernote notifications, dictate a quick note and set reminders for events.

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