The 7 best things about Apple Watch


It is an era of smartwatches. Apple launched its watch in April 2015. This was the first time that Apple launched a wearable product. Although it did not have the same level of user-friendliness as the rest of Apple products. But it will not take long to get used to the watch because it is a remarkable device.

There are multiple features present in the Apple Watch that most people do not know about. You can do amazing things with this watch on your wrist.

Here are the top best things about this watch:

1. It is water resistant
With Apple watch, you will not have to worry about getting your electronics wet. It is water resistant and you can go for a swim wearing this watch. It can be submerged in 50 meters of water after the 2016 update. Water resistance feature is a part of series 3 model of the Apple smartwatch.

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2. It can control various home theatre devices
If you have lost your remote control, you do not have to worry about controlling your home theatre devices or even your Apple TV. With this smartwatch, you can control these devices through the remote app.

3. Activity sharing app
You can compete with your friends by turning on activity sharing. In the Activity app, tap the plus icon on the sharing tab to invite your friends so that they can share their activity information with you. You will be notified about their workouts so you can compete with them in fitness.

4. iPhone on your wrist
The watch itself can perform all the functions of an iPhone. It is practically a mini version of an iPhone. You can answer calls and compose texts through your Apple Watch.

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5. Go for a run without your phone
With the Apple watch series 3, you can leave your phone home when you go for a jog. This model has built-in GPS which can track your workout. And if you have blue-tooth headphones, this is even better. You can listen to music while you are running.

6. Stream music without a phone
You do not have to plug your headphones into your phone every time you want to listen to music. Just have a pair of blue-tooth headphones along with your Apple watch, and you will not have to carry your phone everywhere.

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7. Dictate or write messages
You can write messages through voice dictation in your Apple smartwatch. But most people are not aware of the scribble feature through which you can draw letters and numbers on your screen. They will be automatically converted into texts. You can compose messages with the scribble feature.

Bonus – Other best things to do with Apple Watch
There are various other things which you can do with your Apple Watch.

– You can use the watch as a flashlight
– You can monitor your heart rate through the Apple Watch
– You can look at the photos on your Apple wWtch
– You can even send Facebook messages
– You can find a lost iPhone with the help of this watch

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