Texas law firm launches auto accident app

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Ben Bronston & Associates, a Texas personal injury law firm, has announced the launch of its Auto Accident App for drivers throughout the State of Texas. Available free-of-charge for both Apple and Android users, the Ben Bronston & Associates auto accident app works with most smartphones and provides important features to protect drivers in the event of an accident.

“This app is very helpful for anyone in Texas who has been in a car accident,” says Ben Bronston, attorney and founder of Ben Bronston & Associates.

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The Auto Accident App has various features, including a state-of-the-art Automatic Car Crash Detection System (ACCD). The ACCD detects car accidents using internal sensors of the user’s smartphone. Once a crash is detected, the App automatically sends a text message and email with the user’s location to their pre-selected emergency contacts. A copy of the message is also sent to the law firm.

With Texas roadways becoming increasingly more dangerous, the Ben Bronston & Associates Auto Accident App is a must-have for all Texas drivers.

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