Technology and meetings – a great match?

AV equipment

Do you have clients or business partners over for meetings or conferences often? Then it is utterly important that your meetings are conducted with the highest degree of professionalism and organizational skills possible, because your partner’s or client’s level of trust in you and your company depends on how well you present yourself and your company.

Make sure to have more efficient meetings with your clients and partners by investing in the right AV equipment for your company. Today’s abundant use of technology in business matters is a big help, but can also cause problems and unavoidable moments of frustration. It is very important that the AV equipment for your company is up to date and functions perfectly, but it is a jungle out there – how to find the right and suitable AV equipment and where to find it?

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Luckily there’s loads of great Apple AV equipment out there, and we’re here to guide you in your quest for the right AV equipment that can make or break your presentation, meeting or conference.

Screens, projectors and monitors
AV equipment – audio-visual material – is essential for your presentation. If it works perfectly, you won’t notice it. On the other hand however, if it doesn’t work, it’ll break your presentation completely and make the audience lose interest and focus, which is a shame and waste of all your good work, but can also make investors or clients lose interest and walk away without a deal.

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Apple has great AV equipment in the category of screens, projectors and monitors to display your hard work and professional presentation. Monitors are important in this category and they can be used to show your work on a bigger scale to interested clients or partners.

Also give big screens a try to project logos, graphs or other steady visual material for longer periods of time through a cable to your laptop, iPad or USB, or make use of a projector that has the option of scaling up or down.

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Loudspeakers and microphones
Do you often conduct bigger meetings, meet-ups or conferences? Then it’s time to think about sound as well. Not being able to hear what the presenter is saying is very frustrating for everyone participating in a conference or big meeting. Many speakers tend to forget about the volume of their voice and the importance of speaking up or they get timid and shy and unconsciously lower their voice.

Avoid this problem and avoid miscommunication, misunderstandings and frustrations on all sides by investing in great AV equipment, including i.e. loudspeakers and quality microphone systems.

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