TalkAware now available in the Apple App Store


The TalkAware app is now available for free download from the Apple App Store for iOS smartphone users. Soon, an Android version of the ads-free mobile app will be available.

TalkAware, developed with the latest mobile user interface specifications, instantly lets a user’s family, friends or other phone contacts know that speech-to-text is being used, so they’ll forgive any awkward mistakes made in delivered text messages. Once the app is downloaded to a user’s smartphone, the TalkAware logo automatically appends to each new speech-to-text message, along with the following disclaimer:

“Hey, I started using TalkAware™. If you see the symbol above, it lets you know I am using Voice Recognition. Find out more at”

The logo is expected to become the recognized symbol for pardoning texting errors. TalkAware is the only voice-recognition app on the market with a notification feature of this kind. It’s the brainchild of founder James Morrissette.

“TalkAware gives you a multi-pronged approach that creates one of the most versatile mobile apps in the market today, and it will revolutionize voice recognition to meet each person’s individual needs,” Morrissette said.

TalkAware operates as a keyboard extension or add-on to an iOS user’s default messaging app. With a user-friendly interface, the app is easy to set up once downloaded and supports the language pre-selected on a user’s phone. Among its benefits, TalkAware allows for hands-free texting as a safer alternative when there is a need to message someone at the most inopportune time.

As its mobile platform gets underway, the future of TalkAware is expected to get even brighter. Software developers also are working on a business model, which will soon be available by subscription only. The business model will allow companies to communicate internally and externally but under the same premise. TalkAware will help business subscribers protect their brands from common and costly texting errors.

“My intention was to make TalkAware a universal tool,” Morrissette said. “Through all forms of communication, people can rid themselves of the responsibility of embarrassing mistakes. Also, it alleviates them from the modern liabilities created with computer-generated script. Everyone has been caught being represented with a poor automated interpretation of their intent. Sometimes the result is more serious than just a laugh between friends.”

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