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TacScreen, developer of the TacScreen Tactile Learning Screen for touchscreen devices, including iPad, Microsoft, and Android devices, has unveiled the TacScreen-Trace2Learn Letters app at the 2019 International Dyslexia Association Annual Conference this week.

The TacScreen-Trace2Learn Letters app is the perfect complement to TacScreen’s Tactile Learning Screen as it reinforces the benefits of multi-sensory learning by joining the proven benefits of sight, sound, and touch while teaching children how to read and write.

The TacScreen-Trace2Learn Letters app gives parents and educators a positive opportunity to introduce children to the primary fundamentals of reading. TacScreen has accomplished this by creating an exciting learning environment where children are encouraged to practice letters of the alphabet in addition to long and short vowel sounds. This intuitive sequence of multi-sensory learning is enacted through the use of cheerful sounds and music, letter tracing, proper pronunciation, corresponding vivid images, and rewarding incentives that target the needs of hands-on early learners. 

During a recent interview with Central Valley Today, TacScreen creator, Susan Mon Pere said “TacScreen [Tactile Learning Screen] helps utilize a different sense. We are used to using an app where you are hearing, seeing and touching the information on a flat surface but with TacScreen you receive a tactile feedback through fingertip stimulation – just another sense you get to use. They [Educators] have been using tactile learning for years. If you go into any preschool you will see the sand tray or the tactile letters and TacScreen is just bringing that [multi-sensory stimulation] to the iPad.” 

Susan’s children have helped in the development of TacScreen on many levels. In particular, her son Patrick Mon Pere has been involved with TacScreen-Trace2Learn Letters and had this to say during that same interview, “It (TacScreen Tactile Learning Screen) helped because it is an extra sense you are using while studying.” 

The newly released app is a fantastic learning extension of the previous products, and is enabling children to better grasp and process letter identification. Visit the TacScreen-Trace2Learn Letters website for more information.

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