Swift Miles app tracks miles with automatic trip detection

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Tekton Technologies today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Swift Miles – Mileage Tracker 1.4.4, an important update to their popular mileage tracker app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The App automatically tracks users’ mileage, simplifying the process of collecting business mileage information for the annual IRS tax deduction. The App also uses the latest IRS mileage rates for calculating deductions.

Swift Miles can automatically track mileage, provide accurate route maps for business trips, and create convenient reports in PDF or CSV format with just a tap. The app simplifies mileage tracking, providing automatic trip detection and mileage tracking, and automatic classification based on the user’s past trips. All of this happens automatically in the background, while also consuming less battery power.

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“The standard IRS tax deduction mileage for business use in 2019 is 58 cents per mile. A lot of business users of vehicles need to track mileage for the year, which saves them a good deal of money annually,” says Tekton Technologies. “Using an automatic mileage tracking app that captures each and every drive, saves the user from forgetting to maintain entires in the mileage log and thus saves time and money!”

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Key Features Include:
* Automatic mileage tracking – Tracks and logs mileage automatically in the background
* Tax deduction – Uses the latest IRS mileage rates for deductions
* Accurate route maps – Plots the actual route taken on a map
* Auto-classify trips – Classify trips as business, charity, medical, or personal
* Track trip expenses with image receipts for each trip
* Custom reports – Email detailed trip reports in PDF or CSV format.
* Low battery consumption, thanks to optimized tracking algorithms

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Battery consumption is always a worry when using functions like GPS in the background. Swift Miles uses optimized algorithms designed to limit the iPhone’s GPS usage and surprisingly, the App consumes very little battery power.

Users receive a 2-week free trial of the app’s automatic trip detections and unlimited miles. Afterwards, the free version of the app will provide 100 miles per month of automatic trip detections and tracking. A convenient in-app purchase unlocks unlimited automatic mileage tracking.

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