Stephen Fry voices Albert Einstein in Human Heroes Einstein’s Clock

Newly formed EdTech start-up KalamTech has just announced the launch of its latest title Human Heroes Einstein’s Clock for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Fresh off his first outing in Human Heroes Einstein on Time (endorsed by Stephen Fry himself!) the creator of relativity Albert Einstein is back on the stage” only this time he’s equipped with a ton of different clocks to help young children learn how to tell the time. 

Einstein’s Clock follows on from the remarkable success of previous KalamTech title Human Heroes Curie On Matter which was featured extensively across numerous App Store categories including ‘Apps We Love’, ‘Kids’, ‘Top Paid’ and the overall ‘Apps’ category, among others.

Time-telling wizards-in-the-making begin their time-tastic adventure by learning all about the fundamentals of clocks from a 3D, interactive (and dancing!) Albert Einstein, who acts as their personal tutor, helping them when they struggle, and cracking the odd funny joke or two along the way. Einstein teaches children all about hour and minute hands and different clock configurations including O’Clock, quarter and half, and past and to, across 8 different levels.

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Einstein’s Clock has been designed with simplicity at its core, however, if children do struggle at any point, Einstein will jump to their aid with a plethora of on-screen visuals and verbal aids to help with the problem at hand. Astute parents may notice that KalamTech’s game designers have implemented scaffolding teaching techniques throughout the game. This means that children only progress once they have fully understood a given topic, ensuring a genuinely educational learning
experience from start to finish.

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Human Heroes Einstein’s Clock is a completely free app with no in-app purchases, no subscriptions or signups and can be played offline, with no internet or Wi-Fi connectivity required for the ultimate learning experience. This title is a bitesize introduction to the Human Heroes universe, with the full Einstein experience covering relativity, rhythms, pendulums, gravity, 

Einstein’s fascinating life and so much more found in Human Heroes Einstein On Time, available on the App Store today! KalamTech’s next hero of history, Leonardo da Vinci, will be coming next.

Key Features:
* Works completely offline with no ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases or sign-ups!
* A realistic live show experience featuring high-quality visuals and a dynamic speech system complimenting the glorious voice performance by the irresistible Stephen Fry, who recorded dozens of lines for this game!
* Learn about different types of clocks and travel through time by moving clock hands backward or forwards to witness the effects of time on the succession of day and night
* Complete challenges to earn Synaptocoins. Replay challenges for more Synaptocoins and higher star ratings!
* Covers a Key-Stage National Curriculum area in reading clocks and telling the time
* Scaffolding teaching techniques used throughout means that no child is left behind
* Music is written and composed by industry-renowned musician Marc Sylvan, credited for over 100 projects across film, television, games, and animation

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