Soundscapes – A new mobile app to reconnect with nature

soundscapes iphone app

inookta studio inc. today announced the release of Soundscapes: a new iOS app to reconnect with nature by exploring a collection of hundreds of immersive and high-quality soundscapes produced by passionate and renowned artists from around the world. Users are instantly transported in the middle of the toucans in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, at the foot of a glacier calving in Antarctica, or on the edge of an active volcano in Ethiopia.

“Listening is an essential resource that can open our minds to changes that are occurring now, as well as those to come.” indicated Fernand Deroussen, field recordist and composer.

The need to listen to the world in which we live seems to be more essential every day, and it is in this context that sound ecology and field recording practices have developed. Around the world, passionate artists explore forests, deserts, winds, ice, the seabed, the interior of tree trunks and anthills, in search of unique and unexpected sounds: the wild world is an infinite source of inspiration.

Soundscapes is:
* Every week new, original and documented soundscapes selected by our team
* The discovery of inspiring artists, their adventures and the ecosystems they explore
* Smart playlists that adapt to the time of day
* The benefits of nature sounds: concentration, relaxation, reduction of stress and anxiety, and the harmful effects these have on our health and that of the people around us

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