Sony MDREX38iP/WHI EX Earbud with iPod Remote Control (White)

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Sony MDREX38iP/WHI EX Earbud with iPod Remote Control (White)

Sony MDREX38iP/WHI EX Earbud with iPod Remote Control (White)

  • Headphones compatible with all iPod products
  • Remote control compatible with:Nano (gen4), Classic (120GB), Touch (gen2), and Shuffle (gen3)¿Volume control, FF/Rewind, Play/Pause, Microphone
  • 9mm drivers for high quality sound
  • Hybrid type earbuds soft outer silicone for better comfort and fit, a more rigid inner silicone
  • Carrying pouch
  • Ex Series Earbuds With iPod Remote
  • Provides iPod Control With Inline Remote
  • White

Sony MDR-EX38iP/WHI EX Earbuds with iPod RemoteControl your iPod and look good doing it with these high-quality EX earbuds. Includes in-line remote control and three sizes of earbud cushions. Upgrade your listening experience with the MDR-EX38iP earbuds. The perfect companion to your iPod, these EX headphones feature an in-line remote control on the cord and are designed to fit comfortably in your ear. The high-quality 9mm driver units and neodymium magnets reproduce deep bass and clear treblesound while three sizes of included earbud cushions ensure the best fit.Features:* Design:Control your iPod and look good doing it with thestylish, high-quality MDR-EX38iP headphones. Featuring a lightweight design, these EX earbuds fit comfortably in your ear and deliver a superior listening experience.* Size: Three sizes of earbud cushions are included to ensure the best fit.* In-Line Remote control: Allows you to control yourvolume without having to take out your player from where you are carry

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 13.99

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3 thoughts on “Sony MDREX38iP/WHI EX Earbud with iPod Remote Control (White)

  1. 153 of 158 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Works with iPhone 3GS – sounds great – cost half of what I thought I would have to spend., December 4, 2009

    These are great! Comfortable fit. Better range (6 – 23kHz) than ANY other buds under $75. Microphone. Full control over my iPhone 3GS (and newer iPods) functions, including volume, play/pause, next track, previous track. Make and take calls. Voice commands. Voice recorder. I think they contain the Apple control chip, because they function as good as the controller on the stock Apple earbuds, but fit and sound AWESOME. I was just about to resign myself to spending over $99 for buds that sound good and control my new iPhone 3GS, when I found these babies for under $40.

    Many people also miss the fact that when you double- or triple-click for track forward/reverse you can HOLD the final click for SCRUBBING forward or backward at high speed. Of course, the controller has less functionality on non-Apple players and older iPods, since they are designed for newer iPod/iPhone.

    Hands-down the best upgrade/investment I have made to go with my iPhone. Buy. These. Now!

    *** Note that, as in ALL earbuds, the wires are fragile. You do have to TAKE CARE OF THEM. Wrapping cords around your player and stuffing into your pocket WILL cause a short eventually. Use the included cord winder and/or included draw-string cloth baggie. I still have a pair of an earlier model Sony buds Sony MDREX36V/BLK EX Earbud Headphone (Black) that are working just fine because I do not abuse the wire.

    UPDATE 2010-05-10:

    Been using for 5 months now and they are the best I have ever owned. Microphone is clear, too.

    I’ve read a lot of negative comments about these in-ear headphones. All I can assume is that those with a bad experience (who think the sound is too loud to surrounding people, too soft in their ears, or too much treble/no bass) have missed the CONCEPT of IN-EAR headphones.

    They must fit SNUG in the ear canal in order to work correctly. I know that ear sizes vary, but go ahead and try the (3) different size ear buds to get a better fit. Mine sound awesome. Yes, just as good as other Sony buds I have had in years past. I have a drawer full of other brands/models that…what’s the technical term…oh ya…they suck.

    BONUS HELPFUL HINT: Someone’s review mentioned switching L/R (placing the left bud in the right ear and right bud in the left ear). I tried this and found distinct advantages: The inline control/mic works better for me on the right-side cord. The angle of the buds “tuck” into my ears better when reversed. This “tuck” means the buds stay seated firmly in my ears longer, even when sweating or the cord is lightly tugged. I just had to get over my obsessive compulsion (“but…that one is labeled L and the other is R, how can I ignore those directions?”)

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  2. 60 of 62 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Decent for the price, about what you’d expect, December 23, 2009
    B. Park (New York, NY) –

    Purchased these as a replacement for an old, old pair of midrange Sony MDR-something earbuds that served me well for ~4 years. So old that the model number rubbed off long ago, and I have no idea what it originally was.

    That said, I figured it was worth going with a Sony headset again. The fact that this is one of the few reasonably-priced sets I’ve been able to find which offers both iPod/iPhone functionality + volume controls, plus Sony’s reputation, sealed the deal. (Please note, I’m not a Sony “fanboy” or anything; just noting that they’re an established company, so there is some consumer comfort level there.)

    I won’t really speak to the fit of the earbuds, because obviously it will be different for everybody; except to say that the medium earbuds fit fine for me out of the box, and I suppose that I have relatively normal-sized ears. I’ve used other in-the-ear buds which felt better, but these were acceptable to me.

    The headphones measure 48″ from earbuds to headphone jack. The mic/volume control sits 6″ below the LEFT earpiece (the first review which criticized the effect of sweat seems to indicate that it’s on the right side…) The Y-split is another 10″ below that (so 16″ down the right wire), and has a sliding plastic piece which allows you to “choke up” the slack, if desired.

    I’ve only had these for 1 day, but I do feel that the treble is rather harsh. Especially noticeable listening to metal (and similar music). I test-listened to other genres as well – just pointing out metal because the highs were noticeably shrill. As per another reviewer’s advice (somewhere else on the Web), I set my iPhone’s EQ to “Treble Reducer”, and that seemed to help. Perhaps they need to “break in” a little bit, I don’t know. I do NOT find them to be bass-heavy, although they are certainly better than stock earphones. Sound insulation is average.

    The controls work mostly as expected on my 1st-gen iPhone, which is a pleasant surprise:

    – 1 click to pause/play
    – 2 clicks to fast-forward
    – 3 clicks to restart the current song
    – mic and audio work fine

    However, the volume up/down controls do not work (on the 1st-gen iPhone). I assume this is because it’s 1st-gen.

    Also tested these headphones with a Droid Eris. Audio works normally. Sadly, the mic does not work. Volume buttons don’t do anything. “One click” to pause/play functions as expected, but more-than-1-click in the Music widget apparently tries to dial the last number called (?!). Perhaps the Android OS will be updated someday to support iPhone functionality, but I’m not holding my breath. I did not find an EQ on the Android, but I might have missed it.

    The click button itself feels rather small and flimsy, but at least it’s there. I haven’t gotten any use out of the volume buttons, although I trust that they’d work OK with the appropriate devices.

    Back to the audio quality: these are not the best-sounding headphones I’ve ever used in the $30-50 range. My old Sonys were better, as were $20 (on sale) Sennheiser CX-300’s (albeit no mic for either). v-Moda Vibe’s sounded substantially better (at ~$80) when they worked, but that’s another story. All of the above fit slightly better, which may have something to do with it. On the other hand, I’d say that these Sonys both fit & sound better a little better than the 1st-gen Apple in-the-ear headphones (not the stock ‘phones, but I haven’t tried the newer Apple earbuds either).

    Overall, a decent product considering the iPod/iPhone controls, but there is room for improvement. Given what I know now (mainly, that the volume control doesn’t do anything for my old iPhone or Eris), I’d consider a single-button headset like the Griffin TuneBuds Mobile for ~$20 instead; but +$10 for future iPod functionality seems acceptable. As best as I can tell, though, this is Sony’s only current “iPhone-compatible” earbud offering. Perhaps they are testing the market. Perhaps there is a better option. If music is your primary concern, I’d say that there almost certainly are better options in the same price range. If you want/need the iPod-style buttons too, though, the MDR-EX38IP isn’t bad.

    EDIT: For reference, a small white sticker on the box states:

    Remote supported only by:

    iPod nano (4th generation)
    iPod classic (120GB)
    iPod touch (2nd generation)
    iPod shuffle (3rd generation)

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  3. 43 of 44 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    So good I’m ordering another pair!, May 30, 2010
    Raymond S. Ramirez (San Francisco, CA United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony MDREX38iP/WHI EX Earbud with iPod Remote Control (White) (Electronics)

    I don’t write reviews for items hardly ever but this pair of headphones deserved some positive praises from me. First let me say that I’ve been enjoying MP3 players since my first RIO back in 2000 or whenever, way back when. I’ve tried on so many different headphones over the years and have observed many different fits and sound qualities. I’m a big fan of dance and electronic music, so having a low frequency response with my headphones is definitely important. I’ve paid more money for a supposed high quality brand only to be completely disappointed that I don’t like risking low bass for low (or high) money. That being said, the bass on this isn’t bad at all! Sure, it’s big, it’s not deep, but it does what it needs to do without sacrificing treble or the mid range.
    ***TIP #1: Currently I use a iPhone 3GS and I compensate for the low bass by setting the EQ setting to Electronic or Classical.***

    Also, for the many designs that I’ve tried over the years, the ear bud tends to be my favorite (although I plan on purchasing Bose over the ear headphones sometime within the next year). The two problems with ear buds in general are that, #1-the rubber buds pop out a lot on accident, and #2-they fall out of the ear. I’ll go on record by saying that these ear buds have hardly ever popped out at all!
    ***TIP #2: If you switch the ear buds by putting the right bud in the left ear and the left bud in the right ear, they are MUCH MUCH MORE STURDY and stay in place really well.*** No more having to fidget by readjusting the ear buds every couple of minutes.

    And finally, the little handy remote. I love being able to control the music, switch tracks, pause tracks, and control the volume without having to take it out every single time.
    ***TIP #3: Plus with iPhone 3GS the built-in microphone inside the remote lets me talk on the phone without having to hold it in my ear!***

    I will say that this is also the reason why I gave the Ease of Use rating a 4 star, because something happened with the remote and now the remote buttons seem to be stuck and I have to push extra hard to use the functions. Not a good sign since it hasn’t been a year yet :-( So why am I buying this again? Well, I lost my previous pair and instead of finding another set of headphones with all these features I’d rather go with this because the price point is worth it and next time I’ll plan on being more careful with the remote to make sure it doesn’t get broken again.

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