Should you buy a new or refurbished MacBook?


Who doesn’t want a brand spanking new Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? But then again, who doesn’t want to save lots of money on buying a refurbished MacBook?

Sure, new is new, but just like a new MacBook from you local dealer or any webshop, refurbished MacBooks also comes with a warranty. That is, if you buy your pre-owned MacBook from reputable dealers like Tech.Trade.

The benefits to buying a refurbished MacBook are many. The biggest advantage with purchasing a refurbished MacBook is that it saves you lots of money. You can actually get yourself a like new MacBook for a much better price than buying one brand new in any store.

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In most cases you can’t actually see that your MacBook has had a previous owner at all. And we all know Apple produces quality hardware that lasts for years and years. So purchasing a pre-owned and refurbished MacBook is something you should seriously consider.

Although a refurbished MacBook is pre-owned, MacBooks from Tech.Trade has been cleaned and completely reconditioned in an Apple factory to meet the specific standards of the company. Click here to check prices and available models.

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Just as when buying any refurbished product, buying a used MacBook can have both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages is that the original packaging is missing, that minor wear and tear is sometimes visible, and that the range of MacBook models is more limited. However, the price is also much lower.

Your MacBook from Tech.Trade has even gone through vigorously testing before it is sold, and that process ensures that it will be in like-new condition when you receive it.

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