Shopping Guru 1.1 Released


Cloud Nine Apps, LLC. has announced the release of Shopping Guru 1.1, a free mobile app to plan, shop and save with Amazon with a novel approach.

Online shopping has been popular for many years now. It is fast and convenient with lots of choices. But, did you ever wonder what all should you buy for a given goal? What would be the total budget? Let’s say you are looking to set up a cool home theater. But, you just do not know what all would be needed? Or that vegetable garden you always wanted. How do you go about it?

Shopping Guru takes the guesswork out and makes it easy to plan your purchases as projects by choosing from several out-of-the-box templates. Think of a template as a guide for items you should buy. For example, if you are looking to set up a home theater, just choose the Home Theater Setup template. Likewise, if you were always wanting to set up a vegetable garden, but did not have the time to research what all would be needed, use the Vegetable Garden Setup template.

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A template gives you a jump start and makes it easy to find the items. Of course, you can always add or remove items from the project. And, if you do not find a template that matches your needs directly, simply use the Blank Project template to create a project from scratch. Once you set up a project, the app will provide an estimated total so that you can plan your purchases. Shopping Guru will track price movements (up or down) and notify you when the price drops. This way you can time your purchases and save money.

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“As a DIY homeowner, I have done several projects over the years and I do the majority of my shopping on Amazon because of the number of choices and their fast delivery. The challenge, however, was I just did not know what all I should buy and I wished there was something that gave me a jump start. Over the years as I helped other members in the community, I sensed this is a common problem and that’s when I thought to have an app that provides a template-based approach will be helpful to many people. The template can guide on what all you should look for. Of course, the actual items bought may be different from person to person based on prices, aesthetics and other criteria. But, at least it will give a good starting point. Secondly, because Amazon’s site has frequent price changes, it would be nice if there were a way to track price drops and save money. I put these ideas together and Shopping Guru was born!”

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Got some ad hoc items to purchase? No problem. You can always add items and take advantage of the price drop notifications. Organize items into Item Groups for convenience. Be it wishlists, recurring items, gifts and so on, Item Groups are perfect for grouping items.

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