SecuritySpy 5.0 – Major update to macOS CCTV Software


Ben Software today announced the release of SecuritySpy 5.0, a major update to the premier multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac. With smart motion detection powered by Artificial Intelligence, flexible recording features, remote monitoring, and an intuitive user interface, SecuritySpy is ideal for all CCTV applications, from home to professional use.

Version 5.0 has many improvements including AI-based object detection using deep neural networks, and support for the ultra-efficient H.265 (HEVC) video encoding format.

SecuritySpy supports virtually all IP cameras on the market, including the popular Axis, Dahua Technology, Canon, Samsung, Sony, Amcrest, Hikvision and Vivotek ranges. SecuritySpy features advanced AI-powered smart motion detection, which can be used to trigger recordings as well as email alerts, audio alarms, iOS push notifications and external devices. The built-in secure web server allows remote monitoring of live video and captured footage, as well as configuration of the software, from over the Internet using a web browser or mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

“With the integration of a new AI-powered object detector, SecuritySpy is now smarter than ever. By training our neural networks on hundreds of thousands of real CCTV images, we are able to achieve excellent accuracy for the new computer vision features,” said Ben Bird, the developer of SecuritySpy. “Combined with macOS, the rock-solid operating system from Apple, SecuritySpy offers unsurpassed functionality, stability and ease of use.”

The full list of improvements in version 5.0 are as follows:
* AI-based smart motion detection for exceptional detection accuracy and elimination of false triggers
* H.265 HEVC video encoding format support for high-efficiency streaming and recording
* Support for automatic generation of official “Let’s Encrypt” certificates for the secure web server
* New Dashboard feature for visual display of performance metrics
* Browser bookmarks, for easy annotation of each day’s recorded footage
* Browser file tagging, with Finder integration
* Dark mode support, including for the web interface
* User interface improvements

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