School ID updates to distribute via text message

Good School Tools

Good School Tools announced today that School ID Cards and Photos version 4.1.0, will include information on every student ID for the National and Local Suicide Prevention Hotlines, the Crisis Text Line, and Special Emergency numbers.

In addition to California law (SB 972 authored by Senator Anthony Portantino), School ID adds crisis information other states, such as Arizona, require to address the increase of student suicides. Suicide Lifeline information, local suicide lifeline and special crisis numbers may be included on every student ID card present on every student’s smart phone. The ID information is distributed to students by text message to fit with the life style and smart phone use by that demographic.

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Tim Walton of Good School Tools said: “We are appalled by the increase in teen suicides. School ID provides the perfect means to impact this problem by providing IDs right on a student’s smart phone. We hope students will take advantage of the hotline and crisis information available right on their phones to reach out for help. School ID is already in use in Los Angeles, NYC and Australian schools. We are committed to providing critical help to students in need even without legislation to require student IDs with Lifeline information. School ID is priced at $199/yr/school so that as many schools as possible can benefit from the use of the app. We have partnered with a number of school photographers who provide student photo IDs as a part of their normal services. We are also seeing new partnerships emerge so that we may help safeguard more of our students.”

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