Safari Extractor 1.0 is now available

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MarioGT Software has just announced the release and immediate availability of Safari Extractor, their app for macOS. Safari Extractor is a little utility that exports the name and URL of all web pages active in your current Safari session.

This means that all of a user’s Safari windows and tabs will be scanned to extract this informantion. Users can save the data to either a plain text file, or to a HTML bookmarks document (universal standard), ready for importing to another web browser or to share with anyone.

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This app saves the bookmarks info of all Safari tabs currently opened, not only the ones in the frontmost window (like the built-in Safari function). Users can have hundreds of tabs opened in several windows, and they don’t want to spent time in bookmarking every one in every window, or simply don’t want to bookmark them in Safari at all.

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For example, when a users only wants a bookmarks or flat text file for sharing with a friend, colleague, or for archiving and saving their current active tabs for later use. With “Safari Extractor” users can make this happened in just 1 click.

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