Red Zombie releases tempered glass covers for new Apple products


Screen cover company Red Zombie announces the release of 3D glass protectors for the front and back of the new iPhone XS and XS Max as well as for the Apple Watch series 4. Red Zombie has been involved in the wireless and accessory business since 1998. The company manufactures protective tempered glass screen protectors for leading mobile device products such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, and more.

With Apple recently releasing the newest version of the sought-after iPhone — the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max—Red Zombie was ready with covers to add maximum protection for the new phones. The phones feature the best and biggest iPhone displays yet and also have an A12 Bionic Chip and a breakthrough Dual Camera system. The new iPhones offer stunning, super-retina displays, faster Face ID, and a broader stereo sound.

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Red Zombie’s 3D glass covers for the new iPhones provide full coverage so users can’t tell the difference between the cover and real screen. Red Zombie also offers covers for the backs of all new iPhones, which are recommended in light of the high back-cover replacement fee of up to $600.

In addition to covers for the new iPhones, Red Zombie is also offering protection for the new Apple Watch series 4. The latest version of the watch has a larger display and a built-in electric heart sensor. Red Zombie’s cover will provide maximum protection for the watch with its edge-to-edge curved glass.

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“These new devices are a major investment, and our job is to make sure that they stay protected from drops and dings that could compromise their appearance and function,” said Anne Bigelow, Red Zombie Co-founder. “When customers add our screen protectors, we have full confidence that they will never go back to other options.”

Red Zombie tempered glass screen protectors are scratch-resistant, hammer-tested, and smudge-proof and offer unparalleled touch sensitivity and responsiveness. They are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Red Zombie will soon be carrying liquid glass protectors for a variety of phone models. This option comes with a $150 warranty to replace the screen should it break within the first year after the liquid glass is applied.

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