Puppy Walk app for Apple Watch released

puppy walk apple watch

Puppy Walk, a virtual pet pedometer built by Red Sprite Studios, is now available exclusively for Apple Watch and iPhone.

Puppy Walk is the first combination game and health app built by Red Sprite Studios, and features a cute animated puppy who motivates the use to walk every day. Every step taken is a step closer to earning rewards and special treats for the adorable virtual puppy.

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“There’s something comforting about having a cute virtual puppy that you care for and in turn motivates you to stay active,” said lead designer John Passfield.

Unlike other virtual pets, the puppy in Puppy Walk will never die. However, they may temporarily run away if neglected.

“If your puppy does run away due to a lack of feeding or care, then a quick walk will bring them back,” said artist Pete Mullins, “which is a wonderful way to keep you engaged without being punishing.”

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