Poetic Atmosphere Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear/Gray)

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Poetic Atmosphere Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear/Gray)

Poetic Atmosphere Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear/Gray)

  • Made of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Transparent durable material
  • Grey borders surround the edges
  • Customer built-in volume control buttons
  • Raised knobs on each corner to protect from surface scratches.

Poetic, an Exact Design Inc Brand, warrants the Poetic Brand of Products against defects in material or workmanship for a period?3 (three) Yearsfrom the original date of purchase of the product by a consumer through an authorized Poetic dealer. Poetic does not warrant, and is not responsible for, any smart phone, tablet or other device made by any manufacturer other than Poetic. If a defect arises in the materials or workmanship warranted by Poetic, Poetic will replace that unit as long as it falls within the warranty constraints. The Poetic name, logo, all product names, customer graphics, trademarks and service marks appearing on the Poetic website unless otherwise noted, are service marks, trademarks (whether registered or not) and/or trade dress of Poetic brand.

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 9.95

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3 thoughts on “Poetic Atmosphere Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear/Gray)

  1. 175 of 184 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Should be the official iPhone 5 case, September 26, 2012
    GM (Dallas, Texas, USA) –

    This review is from: Poetic Atmosphere Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear/Gray) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I just received this case, and similar to other reviewers have been very pleased with the product so far. The case is translucent (not clear) with dark gray edges, which in my opinion complements the black iPhone very well. I’ve uploaded a couple pictures of the case against light to give you an idea how the case looks without the phone in it. The case is slim, constructed well and has an excellent finish. The buttons on the case viz. power button and volume buttons align perfectly with phone buttons. In fact the volume buttons have “+” and “-” signs on them, which looks good. The back cut-out is precise and does not interfere with the camera or the flash. and the bottom cutout doesn’t interfere with the EarPods jack, speaker or the Lightning cable slot. The case seems very sturdy. The edges and corners are much harder than the rest of the case and feels it would protect the phone well against falls and impacts. One of the best parts is that the back is leveled, and has slightly raised areas which seem to have been designed to give case a little elevation to prevent scratches to the case itself. Look at the photos I’ve uploaded to see what I’m talking about. The case itself is super slim and light. Doesn’t add much weight or width to the phone at all. If I were to describe it, the width and weight of the case with the phone in it is close to an iPhone 4/4S without a case.

    Summary: Definitely Recommended!

    – Ultra Slim & Light (Weighs and feels like an iPhone 4/4S without a case)
    – Solid Built and Quality
    – Great Looking
    – Prevents the scuffing reported on the black iPhone 5 :)

    – None really

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  2. 204 of 231 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    I don’t understand the fascination, October 12, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Poetic Atmosphere Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear/Gray) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I ordered this case because 1) I needed a case fast, 2) it was cheap, and 3) it has good reviews. Usually, trusting Amazon reviews works out for me… but not in this case (heh, case).

    Look, plenty of people have said (and will continue to say) this case is great for the price. I’d probably have to agree with that. I paid $12 and I got a functional case. But great for the price in this case does not mean great for the quality. This is a hunk of plastic, not much more. I would be doing a disservice to Amazon customers by excusing this case’s shortcomings just because the price is low, so I’m giving this product an honest review. The short version is “Yes, this is decent for $12.” The long version is below.

    First off, disregard the pictures from the product page. They are misleading and give little indication as to what your phone will look like in this case. The pictures of the empty case are shot as if intense light is shining through it. The case will never look that white or silver. It is a smoky gray color. Your phone will appear gray in this case.

    The back of the case has rough lines that bugged me after just a few hours of use. These lines feel unfinished. That’s what you get for $12 (or whatever the going rate may be now). From a tactile perspective, the case offered less grip than I felt safe with. It is better than no case at all, but still a bit slippery. The plastic does not appear able to absorb much impact, so I would rate protection minimal, although I definitely wasn’t going to test that out. It is lightweight, so it has that going for it.

    The thin section of the case that runs across the bottom of the phone (under the home button) is a design mistake. It doesn’t fit snugly, and you can manipulate it easily (pull it back and forth – it’s like a tight rubber band). This was right out of the packaging – I can’t imagine how much looser it will get after being used for several weeks. If you accidentally snag it, it will stretch, and it will never regain its form. On the plus side, if you want to hang your phone from your keychain, this would be a great way to do that.

    The main issue I had with the case, though, has been mentioned before: once you put the phone in the case, it’s next to impossible to get the phone back out. This defies all logic considering that within 12 hours of putting this case on my phone, I had debris inside the case (which I could see through the translucent plastic). I cleaned both the phone and the case before shoehorning the case onto the phone, and hours later, I could see stuff in the case. How can a case simultaneously let debris in so fast, yet be nearly impossible to remove? It’s a sceintific conundrum.

    What sealed this as a two-star product for me was the fact that in order to remove the case, I had to damage it. In trying to remove the case to clean the phone, I had to pull on the aforementioned rubber band-like strip of plastic along the bottom, and it stretched. It’s now in the shape of an arch, and looks a bit like a handle. I could never use the case again and be able to put the phone in my pocket. It’s forever warped. Glad it was only $12.

    Bottom line: I gave this product 2 stars in light of the fact that after owning it for only one day, it is now unusable, and I really didn’t like it that much to begin with. I found a case from another manufacturer that cost twice as much and did everything better, and it was well worth it.

    This is an inexpensive case, and its performance is commensurate with its price. It is not a good case at a cheap price. I hate the saying “you get what you pay for,” but it totally applies here.

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  3. 48 of 53 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    For the price, you can’t beat this iPhone 5 case, October 1, 2012
    S. Chaudhry (Pittsburgh, PA USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Poetic Atmosphere Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear/Gray) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    >>Original Review – October 1, 2012<<

    Great slim design and craftsmanship. I really have nothing bad to say about this case.

    For those who thought it was a tight fit: Put your iPhone’s left side (front facing you) side in first, then squeeze in the other side. It fits perfectly, no issues.

    I am using it with a Zagg case-friendly screen protector and the white iPhone 5. Uploading pics for your benefit now.

    >>Updated Review – March 20, 2013<<

    After daily usage of the phone with this case on, it is still going strong. It does have some minor signs of wear and tear (minor scratches on the frosted plastic surface on the back) but nothing that stands out. You have to LOOK for the scratches to see them, but this is mostly due to the nature of the plastic; since it is frosted, it hides marks very well.

    The rubber around the edges appears to be holding up very well too. For those of you who have complained about there being no plastic support on the rubber piece beneath the home button: mine hasn’t gotten loose or snapped off yet. So while that does look like a weak spot for the edge, it hasn’t proved itself so, at least yet.

    I was so impressed with this case that I decided to purchase a second white version of the same exact case from Poetic (since I have a white iPhone, as you can see in my picture). THAT was a HUGE mistake!!!

    Not only was the quality of the white rubber around the edges of that one of inferior quality, it was visibly dirty and dark within a week of usage. I have since then immediately switched back to this one, and it still looks good.

    Ironic though because both cases are by Poetic, but since this review is specifically for the Grey one, I can’t justify taking any stars off; this particular one appears to be holding up very well.

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