Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) partners up with Helium Radio


U.S. Healthcare System’s largest network of podcasts about the profession and business of pharmacy targeting consumer audience. The Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) announced today the official launch into Internet Radio with a strategic partnership with Helium Radio headquarters in Tampa, FL. This new initiative will create a concierge radio platform that will reach over 4.2 million listeners who can now hear experts within the pharmacy profession deliver subject matter on pertinent health care topics.

“Personalized medicine, technology, marketing, politics, student pharmacists and many other topics about the profession and business of pharmacy are covered within the network of over 20 different podcasts,” commented founder and CEO of the Pharmacy Podcast Network Todd S. Eury.

“Words cannot express how excited and grateful we are to be partnering with the PPN. Our goal is to enhance the quality of our listener’s lives, and by adding the PPN’s content to our network we are doing just that!” Founder and CEO of Helium Radio, Erik Remmel commented.

“The millions of people already tuned into Helium Radio are potential clients, consumers, and patients for the original listeners of the Pharmacy Podcast Network,” stated Eury. “Now through this relationship with Helium Radio, we are able to expand our mission to support our national associations and provide their leadership and members with an internet radio production podcast to reach more listeners with our strategic alliance,” Eury added.

“We are setting the stage to deliver evidence-based, expertise-insights, and editorial commentary to the public from the active 300,000 provider pharmacists in the U.S. today,” stated Ken Sternfeld, host of PGx For Pharmacists on the PPN. I believe that this new platform is not just the pharmacy profession’s top podcast Internet Radio station, but now, we are positioned to be the leading pharmacy radio information resource for our profession.” Sternfeld added.

“When existing sponsors like Cardinal Health, CVS Pharmacy, McKesson and others like H.D. Smith show a history of sponsoring the unique digital media platform that Todd has created with the Pharmacy Podcast Network, it shows me the power of podcasting,” Sternfeld concluded.

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