Personal emergency app FallCall for Apple Watch released

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FallCall Solutions, a Connecticut-based technology startup committed to creating simplified communication solutions for Elders and Caregivers, announced today that the company has launched its second product, FallCall Lite, a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) app built exclusively for Apple Watch and iPhone.

“FallCall will change the perceptions surrounding Personal Emergency Response Systems,” says Shea Gregg, MD, Founder, and President of FallCall Solutions. “Elders and Caregivers will be able to connect through the Apple devices they already own in a simplified way that is more inclusive and engaging than previous generations of technology.”

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FallCall Lite’s unique features include Voice Activation using Siri, Elder Apple Watch battery power monitoring by Caregivers, and a fully integrated subscription-based central monitoring service. The central monitoring service, staffed by trained Emergency Medical Dispatchers, provides real-time emergency event updates through electronic messaging to up to 5 Caregivers on their iPhone or Apple Watch simultaneously and is available 24/7. FallCall Lite is FREE to download and use.

Optional central monitoring is available for about half the cost of many Personal Emergency Response Systems ($14.99/month). Future versions will include “Smart” fall detection and machine learning capabilities.

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Practicing Physicians Shea and Kristin Gregg founded FallCall Solutions after observing a growing number of falls among the Elder population. While standard PERS have existed for decades as “help buttons” or bulky, stigmatizing devices, they’re often not worn by Elders and therefore, are not always readily available in an emergency situation. FallCall Solutions set out to create a service that addresses the significant limitations of traditional PERS.

With FallCall Lite, the following questions will be answered through technology: “Can I call for help using my voice? Can I contact only my Caregivers if I need help? Is my loved one using their Apple Watch? There’s an emergency. What’s going on?”

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“Following an Elder injury, the longer it takes for help to arrive, the worse the outcome…leading to a loss of independence for so many every year,” Dr. Gregg continued. “With more Elders adopting mobile and wearable technologies, it is time we reassess how we can better integrate Personal Emergency Assistants into peoples’ lives. FallCall is an innovation that can achieve this: There when you need it, invisible when you don’t.”

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