OtterBox iPhone 6 Case – Defender Series, Frustration-Free Packaging – Black (4.7 inch) Reviews

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OtterBox iPhone 6 Case – Defender Series, Frustration-Free Packaging – Black (4.7 inch)

OtterBox iPhone 6 Case - Defender Series, Frustration-Free Packaging - Black (4.7 inch)

  • Robust, 3-layer protective case withstands drops, bumps and shock
  • Built-in screen protector guards against scratches
  • Port covers keep out dust and debris
  • Belt-clip holster included that doubles as a kickstand for hand-free media viewing

The Defender Series case provides heavy duty protection against drops, dust and damage without taking away from the usability of your phone’s features. The Defender Series case offers triple-layer protection and is built from a high-impact polycarbonate shell, durable silicone slipcover and a built-in screen protector, making it one of the toughest cases on the market. Why else do you think we called it the Defender Series?

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 31.12

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3 thoughts on “OtterBox iPhone 6 Case – Defender Series, Frustration-Free Packaging – Black (4.7 inch) Reviews

  1. 525 of 547 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Not thrilled… *Updated*, September 20, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I always use OtterBox Defenders, let me start with that. This particular case has me reconsidering.

    Here are my issues with this case so far:

    1) The volume buttons now require considerable effort to use. Simply pressing them will do nothing, you really need to dig in.
    2) The screen protector doesn’t actually sit against the screen, so using it comes with sound effects now.
    3) The screen protector is actually preventing fluid movement on my screen. I have to apply more pressure than usual, probably because of the aforementioned gap.
    4) The TouchID feature now only works maybe half the time.
    5) The port cover for the headphone jack is only half covered. They left a sufficient space for the noise canceling mic, but if covering those ports is a priority you may take issue with this.

    I’m hoping to adjust to this case since I love the protection offered by OtterBox Defenders. We’ll see if I feel the need to update this review after it’s been on for a week or two.

    **UPDATED 9/25/2014**

    1) I’ve basically stopped using these buttons. It’s ridiculous.
    2 & 3) The sound effects have stopped, but the screen simply does not work as well with the built in screen protector.
    4) I attempted to set up my fingerprints with the case on the phone, hoping that would resolve the TouchID issues. Unfortunately, there is sufficient interference that I was not even able to set up a new print.
    5) Obviously the jack cover hasn’t changed.

    At this point I have not made any alterations to the case since I’m trying to review it as-is. I think a lot of the problems stem from a lousy fit. The cutouts on the hard plastic are not located correctly, which may be worsening the difficulties that come from the overly stiff silicon. The lower volume button is slightly obscured by the hard plastic, and the hard plastic is so close to the TouchID sensor that actually covering it completely is very difficult.

    I would probably be okay with a lot of these nuisances if the case hadn’t cost so much, but for the price and brand my expectations were higher. I’m currently waiting for a replacement that will hopefully be a much better fit and cause fewer problems with the functionality of the various features.

    **UPDATED 10/08/2014**

    I received my replacement case today, so these are my immediate impressions on the replacement. I definitely like it more than the original!

    1) The buttons are stiff, but new case stiff rather than ridiculously stiff. I’m able to take screenshots with ease now, and adjusting the volume isn’t a task.
    2 & 3) The screen protector feels like it’s a better fit. I’m not getting that suction sound that indicates a distinct gap between the screen protector and the screen itself.
    4) The Touch ID both looks different and now works flawlessly. On the original case there were distinct bubbles that I think were a cause of interference. No problems now!
    5) The port cover is still the same, which I expected to be the case.

    I bumped it to 4 stars, and chose that rather than 5 because the silicon isn’t cut correctly for the headphone port. I’m sure that’s something they’ll fix down the road. I’ll also add that the white on the replacement is actually white. Very white. The white you’d expect. The old one is more of an off-white or a pale grey. I view the white being white as described to be a good thing.


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  2. 543 of 580 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Otterbox fell short with this case. *UPDATED – 1/4/15*, September 20, 2014
    Jason Frost “RubiconReader” (California) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    I’ve always been the “s” upgrade guy. Way back since the 3Gs I’ve always done the “upgrade every two years” thing. Because of that I’ve always had the luck to have an entire year for Otterbox to perfect their iPhone Defender cases. Any imperfections they found in the initial launch of the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 cases would be worked out by the time the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 5s cases came out. I enjoyed that little bit of (if not unscientific or rational) breathing room.

    This year was the first year I upgraded early, so I was curious to see if Otterbox would make a perfect case with the launch of a new iPhone model. Unfortunately they haven’t. They have made an “OK” case, but it has one major flaw that they need to fix fast and numerous tiny flaws that I’ll just have tolerate.

    The fingerprint sensor is the major flaw.

    On the 5s case there is a cutout to place your finger so there was nothing between your skin and the sensor. And the technology worked perfectly. With the iPhone 6 case there is a thin plastic shield over it and it doesn’t work AT ALL. How in the world did this even pass testing!? I’ve been sitting here while I write this review testing it over and over again thinking it might be my finger (haha). No. The plastic over the sensor is a MAJOR hinderance to the use of this phone. And seeing how heavily Apple Pay is being touted as well as the opening of the touch sensor to third party developers, that is reason enough to not buy this case.

    Now I did notice that when I took the case off, the plastic covering that is over the fingerprint sensor almost looked like it was placed there as an afterthought. It would seem to me that if this design was planned, it would be a part of the entire plastic face covering and not a separate piece altogether. That lead me to assume that this was a PR move. One of the major complaints of the 5s Defender case was that the cutout for the fingerprint sensor let in dust. I guess enough people complained and OB decided to “fix” it. I wish they wouldn’t have. They only made it worse. What I’m going to try and do, if I’m brave enough, is to try and pry that small piece of plastic off. I’ll let you know in an update if and when I do this.

    Another problem with this case are the buttons that cover the power and volume are very hard to press. Very. You have to exert extra pressure just to get them to work. This being a new case I can understand the stiffness of it being new. But having purchased over 15-20 OB cases over the years I don’t think that is the only reason. One thing that you should know is that as I write this review I have my iPhone 6 next to me testing and testing just to make sure that I’m being fair. I am. Those buttons are really bad.

    The touch screen isn’t as responsive as previous models either. New people switching to Otterbox probably won’t notice. But when OB has been your case of choice for years, you noticed the difference. It’s not as bad as the Lifeproof screen protector, but it is worse than the 4s and 5s screen protector. I just checked their website and found this statement about the fingerprint sensor:

    Protective membrane cradles the Touch ID to block dust and debris and enhance device functionality.

    So it IS supposed to be there. I’ll leave it up to you but I took mine off.

    The plus side is that the protection on the Otterbox case hasn’t suffered. The plastic shell is sturdy as you would expect and the outer rubber/silicone (I can’t tell which) feel good in your hands. I was super careful with my iPhone before I got this case and now I feel so much better because I do trust the Otterbox brand. Which is why I didn’t hesitate to buy this case. Unfortunately now that I have, I wish I could return it and look for something better. At the beginning of this review I mentioned that I was skeptical if OB could make a decent case for a new model out the door.

    I have to say that the answer is no.

    The best part about this case is the storied protection it provides. The problems arise in the applications that are married with it. The EXPERIENCE of using this iPhone 6 case takes away from the PROTECTION of this iPhone 6 case. The good news is, these problems can be easily fixed. The bad news is, I wish it hadn’t cost me almost $60 to find this out.

    For the first time in a long time, if not ever, I can not recommend this Otterbox case. Maybe after they’ve had some time to fix these problems, yes. But not now.

    Side notes:

    This is a nice looking case, but unlike the 4s or 5s, it doesn’t mirror the look of the phone it covers.
    The hole over the fingerprint sensor isn’t centered.
    Otterbox brought back the raised area around the fingerprint sensor to give it more protection when/if you drop it. To me, it doesn’t interfere with the workings of the sensor nor does it feel weird or…

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  3. 206 of 228 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    WARNING: Many aftermarket charge accessories will not fit the narrow Lightning port access, September 20, 2014
    Chris (Southaven, MS) –

    The OtterBox defender series is pound for pound one of the best ways to protect your iPhone. There is no disputing the two piece hard case with soft rubberized outershell and built in screen protector is an excellent way to keep your iPhone 6 protected. The Defender Series has been my go to on every iPhone I have owned for ultimate protection. I’m currently on my fourth iPhone model but this is the first OtterBox Defender that I have decided it is not the case I will be using to protect my iPhone.

    When you’ve purchased previous OtterBox products to protect your iPhone it’s easy to grab the OtterBox Defender knowing it will do the job to protect your iPhone 6 and this one is no different. However this particular OtterBox Defender case has disappointed me. Yes it’s got the same protection no worries there but I have noticed a change in the way the covers protect inputs such as your Lightning connector. It is considerably difficult to open the charger-flap one handed and the charger access is limited to the Apple OEM Lightning charger or the like from a size perspective. I personally have purchased Amazon Basic brand Lightning charge cords for my iPhone. I appreciate the Amazon Basic Lightning cable which is available in a increased length 6 foot cord length and it is simply better built. My OEM Apple Lighting cables always prematurely wear out and are more expensive. I have found some better aftermarket cables like the Amazon Basic Lighting cable which offer a more heavy duty sheathing and I slightly thicker lightning port connector which provide far better durability. However because the molded lightning plug is slightly larger it will NOT fit in the new OtterBox iPhone 6 Defender Series hard case molding. In order to use a slightly larger lightning cord connection one must alter the OtterBox case hardshell first which effectively renders the rubber flap and cover useless. Make no mistake about it if protecting your phone is your only priority the Defender Series is perhaps your best choice in the market place but does significantly increase the footprint size of your phone which may be a concern considering the new 6 and 6 Plus are larger phones than the previous generation 5 and especially the 4.

    In summation the OtterBox Defender Series is clearly a five-star product in terms of phone protection. While the case increases the size of your phone to make it appear much larger than the phone only footprint it does it’s job and in my opinion better than any case you can buy for your iPhone or any phone for that matter. However every previous generation model Defender Series case has given me no issues in connecting my charge cord until this model and for that I must deduct more than one star. I will add I have loved my OtterBox cases so much that not only do I buy the Defender Series I typically buy the Otterbox Commutter Series case to compliment my iPhone which offers very good protection but not as much extra bulk.

    – Perhaps the best case for protecting your iPhone 6

    – Significantly increases iPhone footprint
    – Hard to open charge port flap with one hand
    – A newly redesigned charge port area is too narrow for some aftermarket charge accessories such as Amazon Basic Lighting charge cables
    – Power and volume buttons require too much effort to comfortably depress for normal use and function

    After only a weekend of use I feel I must air another miscue by Otterbox on their Defender Series iPhone 6 case. While I am not going to edit my 3 star rating for downward for what I feel is overall a design flaw I do feel it is significant enough to mention, describe and add to the “Cons” list. The only reason I will not further downgrade the rating is the fact the case will protect your phone from accidental damage in most cases and in my opinion when others may have not. While the feel of the case is what you’d expect from an Otterbox, pushing the buttons on your iPhone such as volume and power clearly is not! Depressing the buttons requires abnormally significant pressure and by that I mean uncomfortable pressure for a simple phone function. If it were simply a firm pressure I don’t believe it would be a significant issue but to depress any of the buttons other than the home button simply isn’t. It becomes somewhat a chore for I keep finding I intend to depress a button only to find myself going back a second time, readjusting my grip and applying far too much grip to depress the volume or power button. In fact attempting a screenshot I tended to grip so hard I’d unintentionally depress the volume buttons as well which would cause an unintended response other than the screenshot I was attempting. While I only attempted a few screenshots this weekend this happened greater than 50 percent of the time which quickly became annoying. The new location of the power button definitively contributed to the failed…

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