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OnPage Corporation, a leading incident alert management platform company, recently announced the addition of three new features to its iOS offerings. These features are designed to help IT and healthcare professionals communicate efficiently, quickly and securely to resolve critical incidents.

They include a comprehensive chat view with message status display and a simple-to-use “reply all” option, and enhanced notifications on Apple, Inc.’s Watch devices. OnPage’s updated iOS offerings come after the company’s launch of similar new features for Android devices.

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The chat view feature on OnPage’s iOS mobile application provides detailed, threaded communications for iPhone users. Users can securely collaborate with colleagues in a similar way to a chat application, and they can also select the priority and urgency of their exchanges. This added capability to the incident alert application ensures that teams are always informed and productive. OnPage’s new mobile capabilities leverage the latest advancements in secure text messaging so that all exchanges are fully HIPAA-compliant and private.

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With OnPage’s latest update to its Watch-based application, users can benefit from immediate and persistent alert vibrations triggered on their wrists. In this way, users will never miss a critical notification even if they have their iPhone on silent mode, so that they can address urgent issues in an appropriate and timely manner. OnPage’s Watch application is fully compatible with the platform’s mobile app, allowing users to receive notifications on their Watch devices while using their iPhones to send replies and messages to their respective teams.

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“Team communication is key during critical incidents. OnPage’s latest iOS updates allow our users to solve issues more productively while boosting their care or incident team’s performance,” said OnPage CEO Judit Sharon. “Whether on mobile or on Apple’s Watch devices, our new updates ensure that teams can better solidify their collaboration through quick, secure and user-friendly mediums.”

OnPage’s latest iOS advancements are now available and fully downloadable on the App Store.

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