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videomaster app

Future Moments has announced the release of VideoMaster: EQ For Videos App 1.3 an important update to their popular app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The app is a great tool to make videos sound better than ever.

As George Lucas said, “sound is half the picture.” VideoMaster is the only app with an equalizer and volume boost to fully adjust the sound of your videos. Import a video and use a 6-band equalizer or many presets to improve the sound. No video quality is lost. Export the video as the same size, smaller size for easy sharing, or just extract the audio.

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* Adjustable 6-Band Equalizer
* Automatic Volume Normalizing of Your Video
* Adjust the Volume of Your Video
* Adjustable Volume Levels
* Adjust the Audio Frequency, Gain and Q.
* Tap Numeric Box to Type an Exact Frequency, Gain or Q.
* Extract the Audio from Your Video
* Mute the Audio in your Video
* Save as Original Size or Compress for Sharing
* Easily Compare the Sound to your Original Video
* Press and Hold an EQ Module to Bypass It
* VideoMaster Never Overwrites Your Original File

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Geared towards filmmakers, YouTubers, Vloggers, music lovers, musicians, voiceover artists, podcasters and more, VideoMaster is the video sibling to Future Moments’ AudioMaster app.

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