New podcast “Fired Up!” interviews famous people who have been fired

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The new podcast from Cascade Media “FiredUp!” is an honest conversation with high profile people from a variety of walks of life who have been fired from their jobs or faced a downturn, and managed to turn things around to achieve greatness.

How I Built This meets Marc Maron’s WTF in this engaging, inspirational and funny podcast of Industry Leading individuals vulnerably sharing about the firings that ultimately sparked their Success.

Hosts Alex Weber (American Ninja Warrior, FX, MTV) and Matt Ritter (Duck Dynasty, Fat N’ Furious, Comedy Central) have both been fired! Alex and Matt both come from Ivy League backgrounds and followed “The Path,” Alex with Finance, Matt with Law, before taking the leap (read fired) to follow their passions!

“That’s the importance of this podcast, you need these low points to push you ahead” says guest Jon Rudnitsky, former SNL cast member.

Fired Up! podcast can be found on iTunes and all podcast directories.

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