New messaging app Pantepic for iOS released (VIDEO)

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A new cutting edge messaging app has now launched on iOS and Android. Pantepic is an innovative and feature-packed app from communication technology specialists, Rip Bull Networks Inc.

The features include standard messaging app tools as well as new features unique to Pantepic. However, the focus on distraction-free messaging and communication is what sets Pantepic apart from other messaging apps available on the market.

Brandon Gutierrez, a Rip Bull Networks founder, said their goal was to create a messaging app with a 100% focus on communication.

“Messaging apps are very popular with users of all ages and backgrounds. While other messaging apps give these users good features, the focus is too often on things that are not about communication. This is why you see so many messaging apps full of distracting elements like newsfeeds and filters.

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“The goal of these elements is to keep people on the app for as long as possible. This has nothing to do with enhancing communication or improving the lives of users. In fact, it often has the opposite effect.

“So, we took a different approach – a communication only approach. The starting point was to ensure the focus was entirely on users and helping them communicate. Pantepic is, therefore, completely distraction free.

“We want people to open the app, read or send their messages, and then get on with their day. This is what we mean by communication without distractions.”

In addition to one-to-one and group messaging features, Pantepic also offers audio and video calling functionality. There is a message scheduling feature for when users want to send their message at a later date/time, plus it is possible to send images, videos, and files using Pantepic.

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The app also has a self-destructing message feature when users want to chat with added privacy. Self-destructing messages disappear after they are read.

Pantepic also offers map-based messaging tools so users can chat and stay in touch with their contacts using their location.

Brandon Gutierrez said: “From the start, we wanted Pantepic to have the widest range of communication features of any messaging app on the market, and we are proud to have achieved this goal. Some of the features are really innovative.

“We take security and privacy very seriously too. The app has built-in security features based on the latest industry standards, plus we ensure users of Pantepic stay in complete control of their data.”

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Security and privacy are not the only responsibilities that Pantepic takes seriously. Brandon also explained they take their responsibility as a messaging app provider seriously too.

“Messaging apps play an important role in people’s lives,” Brandon said. “We understand this and the responsibilities it places on us. So, Pantepic is not an app for users to troll people they don’t know. Instead, it is a safe and secure messaging app that helps you communicate with your friends and family.

“We are excited about the future too as we have lots of new features coming to Pantepic. The future is a world of communications without distraction.”

Pantepic is available now on the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play store for Android.

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