New LiuLife app helps users to a healthier lifestyle


Bad dietary habits, lack of exercise, and financial woes are just a few of the dynamics that can shorten a person’s life. Now, a new app can help play a role in disease prevention and show users the way to enjoy a longer, healthier life. 

The new LiuLife Health & Longevity app helps users keep track of their physical, mental, medical, and financial health with minimal effort to maintain a lifestyle that is more conducive to overall well-being. In addition, the LiuLife Health & Longevity app is intended to help users to prevent acute and chronic disease and to achieve quality of life, independence, and longevity.

This new app, available free from the Apple App Store and on Google Play Store, is sponsored by the Joe and Emmy Liu Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established to improve human well-being. 

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The LiuLife app utilizes a novel Q&A Tracker and behavior scoring system on six primary aspects or “pillars.” The scoring system combines a flashcard-style, question-and-answer format, featuring 12 targeted questions along with height, weight, and blood pressure measurements. Scores from the responses generate positive and negative reinforcements to encourage desirable behavior.

Instead of an app for one-time use, the LiuLife Health & Longevity app is designed to help users embark on their lifelong journey to better health and longer life. 

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“Once the users answer the Q&A trackers, they establish a baseline to improve their overall health,” noted Joe Liu, the Founder. “We offer personalized coaching and resources to help users improve their health and longevity. Hopefully, this health & longevity app can have a positive impact on our society, especially to those economically disadvantaged,” Liu continued.

Ching-Pin Chang, M.D., Ph.D., a leading cardiovascular disease researcher with over 20 years of medical expertise, serves as the Chairman of the Liu Foundation’s Medical Advisory Committee. 

“A comprehensive healthy lifestyle education and behavioral modification are vital to our health and longevity,” said Dr. Chang. “Today’s medical advances make the dream of a long life achievable. Despite the technology, lifestyle continues to have a major impact on our health and longevity. It requires lifetime conscientiousness in multiple dimensions to maintain a healthy life.”

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Playing key advisory roles are Allison Wu, Chairwoman of the Foundation’s Public Health Committee and a consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO), and Jacque C. Lin, Business Development Advisor, a CPA by trade who recently served as chairwoman of the Alumni Association of North America for Tamkang University, her alma mater. According to Liu, these professionals have both provided “valuable input, not only for the app but for the overall mission of the Foundation.”

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