NeatConnect Cloud Scanner and Digital Filing System for PC and Mac, 6003875

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NeatConnect Cloud Scanner and Digital Filing System for PC and Mac, 6003875

NeatConnect Cloud Scanner and Digital Filing System for PC and Mac, 6003875

  • Scan your important info straight to the Cloud, purchase includes 3 free months of NeatCloud
  • Scan in receipts to create expense reports and searchable databases
  • Scan in business cards to capture information, send info to address book, sync contacts with your phone
  • Scan in documents to create searchable pdfs, capture editable text, organize your digital files
  • Send scanned items as attachments in one easy step – right from NeatConnect to email, DropBox, Evernote, ftp,, etc

NeatConnect lets you scan and organize without a computer. Using Wi-Fi technology and a simple touchscreen interface, it sends files straight to NeatCloud, email, and other destinations – including many popular cloud services. The patented input tray and adjustable paper guides let you scan receipts, business cards, and other documents in one batch. At home or at the office, NeatConnect will send your important information straight to NeatCloud and the Neat mobile app, email, or wherever else it needs to be. Its intuitive touchscreen display, integrated wireless connectivity, and ability to scan multiple types of documents at one time make it the fastest and easiest way to get organized. Quick, secure, and always there when you need it, NeatCloud is the ideal place for your important information. Search any file by keyword, share files and folders with anyone, and organize all your information exactly the way you want it. And do it all without turning on your computer.

List Price: $ 499.95

Price: $ 459.00

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3 thoughts on “NeatConnect Cloud Scanner and Digital Filing System for PC and Mac, 6003875

  1. 18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best purchase I ever made. Love it. So easy, November 6, 2013
    CPA from LA (LA) –

    I bought this at Staples 2 weeks ago and when i saw it come up on amazon i thought id share my feedback. Fantastic and super easy to use. The touchscreen is like using an iPhone and you can literally do everything right from the touchscreen including choosing blck/what or color, resolution,file type, cropping. It scans really fast and can scan as a duplex or single sided. I was able to scan a 50 page agreement in like 2 minutes. I love it and I’m so glad I bought it. I started using the Neatcloud service that came with it and that’s great too. I was able to show one of the documents to a client right from his iPad after logging into my account. Oh yeah, and I can email a document directly from the scanner directly to someone’s email address, I can throw my honking fax machine out

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  2. 11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good Wireless/Cloud Scanner; Some Issues and Incredibly Frustrating Customer Support, November 19, 2013
    Esquire (Washington DC) –

    I have a Fujitsu Snap Scan which is a fantastic wired scanner but I was looking for something wireless for the office. I wanted the ability to send the documents directly to Evernote without requiring storage on a local hard drive. If you don’t need a purely wireless solution I would urge you to look at the SnapScan.

    I was able to set up the Neat Cloud and Evernote accounts without any problem. Unfortunately I experienced issues both with linking the device to my Gmail and Google drive accounts. I also have real concerns with the company and the customer service.

    When I called Neat about my problems I was put on hold. Hold times average about an hour. I was 29th in the queue. I managed to use the online support which was inadequate. My 2 questions were (1) why can’t I upgrade my firmware to the latest version on the website and (2) why won’t the scanner recognize my gmail and google drive accounts. After 30 minutes of very frustrating interaction I got the following responses (1) our servers are down, not sure when they will be back up. (2) Everthing seems to work on my end but let me look into it and send you an email later.

    There is nothing else (wireless) like this product and it works great with Evernote, Dropbox, and the Neat Cloud service yet the frustrating customer service and lack of answers leave me pondering if I should return the device.

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  3. 11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Great when it works – Horrible when it doesn’t., November 24, 2013
    Josh (Kansas) –

    I’m deducting two stars for the complete fail this product has at times. I’m deducting another star because of the non-existent customer service. This really should be a one star product, except for the fact that when it works, it’s nice, so it gets an extra star for that… otherwise it’s a one star product.

    To start off with, when this product works, it’s great. It’s very convenient and makes scanning your documents quick and easy. The page feeding mechanism is less than stellar. When the scanner uploads images, it recognizes the document type correctly and processes the OCR fairly accurately. Not bad, not perfect, but not bad.

    The Neatcloud is a good idea, but the user interface is horrible. You can’t drag and drop documents and you don’t have any sort of preview, so you have to open each document individually to see what it is. There’s no way to merge documents, say if you have a bunch of receipts you want to merge into one giant PDF, no can do.

    That brings me around to a flaw with the unit itself. My Canon DR-2010C works much, much better when feeding multiple pages… The Neatconnect will jam on even the flattest pieces of paper. Neatconnect is also slower than the Canon, so if you’re doing high volume scanning, don’t bother with this thing. You’ll be standing at it all day handling misfeeds and trying to feed documents. Which also brings up another design flaw in this unit. You can’t feed multiple sheets one after another. If the sheet isn’t already in the unit when it starts pulling the last sheet through, you are stuck. You have to start a whole new scan. With the Canon, it will wait for a fraction of a second to allow you to feed another sheet if you have wrinkly sheets that won’t feed properly.

    This is a huge drawback for this unit… because you can’t merge documetns and because you can’t manually feed multiple documents, you are completely stuck with scanning one sheet at a time as individual documents… and then you have to deal with them through the ultra-poor user interface on the Neatcloud website. All in all, it’s a complete nightmare to deal with.

    If you just want to scan your documents and never look at them again, it probably works great. If you want to organize them, then you are out of luck.

    This brings me to the biggest flaw in this unit, and it’s a complete deal breaker for everyone, I’m sure:

    The unit will scan a series of pages, tell you it’s uploading them and then the documents never show up in Neatcloud. At first I thought I had screwed something up, but it happened several times and I finally investigated it a bit deeper. I scanned a series of documents, hit SEND and waited. The document never showed up. I then went back to the outbox and told it to send it again… it said it was sending and everything was fine, but the document again never showed up. There is literally no way to know there’s a problem unless you go and look for the specific document on Neatcloud. As I said, there’s no preview function, so you have to open each one individually… and heaven help you if it’s gone into the “unable to process” folder, because you can’t even view documents from there – you have to download the PDF and view it locally.

    I have now discarded countless documents that I thought had been uploaded and it turns out they are gone forever.

    This unit has too many flaws. Do not buy it, you will be sorry. You will lose your documents and you will be frustrated.

    I tried contacting their customer service, but if you try to send them an email with their contact form, the website says “A problem has been encountered. Your question could not be processed.” I tried to do this several weeks ago, and I tried again several weeks later. Their webform has always returned that error – that’s not a problem with the website, that is intentional malice to prevent people from contacting customer support.

    Neat is a poor company, with poor products and poor customer service. Avoid them.

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