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The idea of modern architecture and urban planning were reinterpreted to the design of minimal desk organizers by Constella, a San Francisco based startup company that focuses on providing Agile Work environment for tech companies. DESKAPE is a set of sleek aluminum desk organizers that captured only the essence of what is needed to organize common desk spaces at modern workspaces, and the design really fits well with Apple hardware and gadgets.

The organizers come as a set of 4 pieces. Starting from $9, products are available individually only on Kickstarter and shipping will begin in 8 weeks once the campaign is successfully funded. After the crowdfunding campaign, it will only be available as a full package with a high-end price tag for boutique lifestyle design stores around the world.

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Four essential products are Cable Organizer, Pen Classifier, Card Stand, and Paperweight Tray. The Cable Organizer neatly manages a small set of cables; however, if multiple Cable Organizers are used together, it can be quite a capable cable management system. Also, it prevents unplugged charging cables from dropping to the floor. Pen Classifier is a substantially weighted pen holder that separates pens and pencils through 8 holes, suggesting users to only use what’s needed instead of collecting every single pen in the office, and quickly find and grab what’s needed. 

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Card Stand is a display stand that you can place memos, business cards, and photos next to the monitor. It’s unique resting angles lets users scan things regardless of their viewing angles. Last but not least, Paperweight Tray is designed to combine paperweight and mini tray. Its cradle shape on top allows users to place small precious items such as keys and Mont Blanc pens separating from other clutters on the desk space.

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DESKAPE was conceived and designed in conjunction with a Munich based design studio Ways Of Design. The studio is known for transforming ordinary objects into an art form while maintaining core functionalities. Made with high-grade solid aluminum, design inspirations came from the elements of modern architectures such as arch, façade, gable, cylinder and those elements were translated into relevant and everyday desktop products.

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