MediaFerry adds audio proofing for podcasts


MediaFerry, the award-winning, cloud-based marketing workflow management system from Express KCS has added native audio file proofing to its latest release. Now all MediaFerry users will be able to upload, share, review and approve audio files (such as MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.).

This adds audio to the extensive existing proofing functionality that also supports digital ads, video and print, allowing creatives to efficiently manage content proofing and approval with their team. Moreover, while proofing an audio or video file, the system will allow users to mark comments in the audio/video timeline, making it easy for both reviewer and the production team to track comments and revisions.

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MediaFerry has supported brands, agencies and publishers for cross-channel content production management for over five years. It allows marketing and creative teams to collaborate with ordering, creation, tracking, proofing, approving and distribution of content across print, digital and video channels. It also provides integration with third-party ad servers and CMS platforms like Google DFP, AOL One, Polar,, SalesForce and Facebook, making content delivery handy and helping creatives improve their speed to market.

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MediaFerry has thousands of daily users all over the world and is backed by 350-strong staff at Express KCS, including graphic designers, art-workers, digital specialists and video editors who are ready to work on client projects (print, digital, audio and video) as and when needed

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