Make free audio and video calls on the ConnetcSocial iPhone app (VIDEO)

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ConnectSocial Inc, the Silicon Valley-based tech firm, recently added a new feature to their viral social app, ConnectSocial, known for offering a highly secure social platform to users. The new ‘Call’ feature adds to the functionality of the already feature-rich app by enabling users to make free audio and video calls across their network, without any fear of eavesdropping. 

“ConnectSocial is all about freedom to expression. We want to give our users the freedom to be themselves without worrying about their privacy or data. Therefore, we pay utmost attention to security and enable users to control their feed and also how they interact with others on the platform. ConnectSocial is one of the few social platforms that gives users full control by allowing them to block, hide, or report any posts they don’t like or feel safe about,” says Tariku Bogale, Founder of ConnectSocial Inc, responsible for developing the ConnectSocial app.

The newly added feature enables ConnectSocial app users to make high-quality audio and HD video calls to other users on their network with just a tap, bringing people closer to each other than ever before. 

“The call feature was a natural addition to the app. At ConnectSocial, we want to add more value to the lives of our users and will come up with more such thoughtful additions in the future that will redefine the social experience of our users,” shares Tariku.

Key aspects of the call feature in the ConnectSocial app: 
* Users can make free audio calls to their contacts on ConnectSocial app and speak uninterrupted without any fear of eavesdropping
* The app enables HD video calling between users; bridging distances across the globe
* It is possible to switch from audio to video and vice-versa at any point during a call
* Users can put the call on mute or speakerphone, according to their requirement
* There is no extra charge for placing calls
* The app utilizes data as opposed to your cellular provider’s calling minutes to place a call

ConnectSocial is one of the few apps that allows both audio and video calling in an exceptionally secure environment. The ad-free network keeps user data and information absolutely secure and private while facilitating interaction in real-time. It is also possible to chat and send text messages to contacts on ConnectSocial while also creating shared rides to save money, fuel, and the environment.

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