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Independent developer, Luke Burgess is proud to announce the release of Supply Houses 1.1.4, a major update to his mobile app for contractors, adding a full suite of custom materials calculators for everything from carpentry and concrete to flooring, landscaping, roofing and more. Now, not only can professionals find where to buy materials in their area, they can calculate the exact amounts needed for any project.

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Designed by a professional commercial plumbing contractor, the Supply Houses mobile app is a one-stop shop for all types of contracting jobs.

“Supply Houses is one of the only – if not *the* only – app out there that gives you access to finding these types of materials,” according to Luke Burgess, the app’s creator. “The idea came to me in 2014 after working numerous jobs out of town and finding it hard to get the materials I needed. Contractors and subcontractors are often traveling to cities they are unfamiliar with to do projects, but still need access to all sorts of specialty materials. Now that the app is live, anyone can search for and display the 30 categories of supply houses from acoustical materials to windows for free.”

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