Major update to HoudahSpot 5.0 file search and organization for Mac


Houdah Software recently announce the availability of HoudahSpot 5.0 today. HoudahSpot is a file search tool that helps Mac users organize files and finds these if they did not. HoudahSpot combines fast and precise file search with a customizable results display and previews. It makes it easy to find the right document, email message, photo, or video file. 

The purpose of HoudahSpot is to provide quick access to all kinds of files. It achieves this with searches that can be refined to return a manageable list of results. HoudahSpot shows search results in an interface that keeps relevant details within reach. Combined with previews of file content and text matches, this make it easy to sort through search results and assess relevance of the found files.

HoudahSpot is a productivity tool that takes center stage of many workflows. Full text search and a multitude of precise search criteria can be used to iteratively refine searches and hunt down an elusive document. Customizable results display make HoudahSpot equally adept at presenting mail messages, documents, or media files. Search templates provide starting points for specialized searches. E.g. a search for video files.

HoudahSpot is the go-to tool for Mac users who need to find a particular document or piece of information in a “haystack” of files. HoudahSpot helps users find the files they need:

* Word processing files that mention an “invoice” or “estimate”
* Mails messages with attachments received this year
* Image files named “logo” or “icon” that are more than 512 pixels wide
* Files created, modified, or opened within the last 7 days

Feature Highlights:
* Quick search field: start a search by typing just a few words
* Multi-criteria file search: Find files by name, text, content kind, author, recipient, image dimensions, and more
* Easy-to-use criteria editor: Combine search criteria to narrow down search results to the exact files you need
* Smart location selection: Search multiple folders at once, and exclude others
* Customizable results display: View search results as list or grid. Add columns. Sort. Arrange in groups
* Concise file info: See properties relevant to the selected file type
* Preview of file content: Peek inside files. See text matches in context
* Saved searches and templates: Use as starting points for recurring searches
* Fully customizable. Set default search window to match your preferences and workflow

What’s New in HoudahSpot 5.0:

HoudahSpot 5.0 brings many new features and enhancements to streamline the search workflow. Highlights include:
* Smart Text Preview: Focus on paragraphs that match your search
* Arranged Results: Group search results by date, size, kind, or application
* Recent Attributes: HoudahSpot remembers recently used search attributes and result columns
* Recent Values: HoudahSpot remembers recently used file extensions, tags, and file types
* Improved Date Searches: Search for files by dates in a given month or year
* Enhanced Grid View: See pertinent file info right next to icon or thumbnail
* Regular Expressions: Filter search results by name, path, parent folders, etc.
* Faster File Tagging: Custom keyboard shortcuts, favorite and recent tags
* Compact Mode: Shrink the HoudahSpot window. Make room for easy drag-and-drop to other applications
* Vertical Layout: See details and previews below search results
* Fewer Windows: Start over with a new search in the current window 
* Finder Extension: Summon HoudahSpot from the Finder toolbar
* Quick Action: Open HoudahSpot from the context menu on folders in Finder
* Dark Mode: HoudahSpot also looks good in black
* Touch Bar: Access common functions from the comfort of your keyboard

HoudahSpot offers extensions to integrate with macOS Finder as well as third party applications including PopClip, Alfred, and LaunchBar. HoudahSpot works with the file browsers ForkLift and Path Finder.

HoudahSpot 5.0 works with Default Folder X, St. Clair Software’s award-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs. HoudahSpot can send selected search results to waiting file dialogs and thus get the files right where these are needed.

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