MaBaSoft releases Application Wizard 4.0

application wizard

MaBaSoft has announced the release of Application Wizard 4.0, a major update of their popular menu-based launcher, quitter, switcher, and navigation tool for macOS. Application Wizard allows users to create groups of applications to easily access favorite applications and quickly open or quit multiple applications at the same time. It allows smooth switching between running applications and open windows and provides single application mode to reduce screen clutter.

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With Application Wizard, users can also browse volumes and favorite folders to rapidly open enclosed items, eject and mount disks, check memory usage, and easily access recent documents and contacts. Application Wizard previews images, music, movies, and documents and displays file properties and metadata.

Finally, Application Wizard allows users to define keyboard shortcuts so that they can quickly accomplish frequent tasks by pressing keys on their keyboard. Shortcuts can be used, for instance, to quit all running applications, or switch back to the previous application, or turn single application mode on and off.

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Version 4.0 is fully 64-bit and solves the incompatibilities with macOS 10.14 Mojave and APFS volumes. It supports Dark Mode and Retina displays and introduces many improvements, including fully revised previews and contacts.

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