loveit coverit launch gadget insurance for MacBooks and Apple Watches

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Since launch in 2015, loveit coverit has become a leading name in the mobile phone insurance market. This has been achieved by offering flexible plans for customers, including the ‘Essential’ package, which covers theft and accidental damage, and the ‘Premium’ package, which includes loss protection, all with breakdown and worldwide cover included. 

Getting the cover right, with the correct blend of interaction, has ensured that loveit coverit is helping customers protect the devices they love.

From June 2020, the mobile phone insurance company will be extending its gadget insurance offering. Customers will be able to get comprehensive cover for MacBooks, including the Air and Pro versions, as well as Apple Watches, from Series 3 to Series 5.

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The insurance policies also cover other major brands in their respective categories, allowing customers to benefit from quality insurance, regardless of their favoured manufacturer.

loveit coverit’s gadget insurance service covers MacBooks and Apple watches up to 6 months old with unlimited claims on repairs and a 12-month warranty on like-for-like replacements. Customers can benefit from theft and accidental damage cover, ensuring peace of mind should the worst happen. Cover also includes protection against liquid damage, cracked screens and mechanical breakdown, anywhere in the world.

On the launch of the new gadget insurance service, loveit coverit’s Managing Director, Toby Stubbington commented:

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“Having found success with our iPhone insurance service, by offering great cover at an affordable price point, it seemed only natural to extend our service to other gadgets as well. We all know how much technology means to us today, especially high-end gadgets, and many customers appreciate knowing that their investment in this technology is protected and they have cover in place if something happens.

One of the many things the coronavirus lockdown has demonstrated is how reliant we can be on our home technology, so we’re pleased to be expanding our service offering and giving customers more choice on how to keep their devices safe for years to come.”

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All gadget insurance policies with loveit coverit are underwritten by AXA, and are handled by the in-house customer care team, ensuring that customers can trust the quality of the service. And customers that already have existing mobile phone cover through loveit coverit can get 10% off their first MacBook or smart watch insurance policy, as part of the company’s price saving bundle.

loveit coverit offers fully comprehensive cover to ensure that gadgets and devices are always protected, wherever the customer is and whatever they’re doing.

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